18 Movies & Shows 'Pose' Fans Should Stream If They Want Even More Glamour

Ryan Murphy's new show Pose features the underground ballroom scene from New York in the '80s. The first episode only just premiered on June 3, but it's already leaving fans wanting more. While nothing is quite like Murphy's latest creation, you should watch these 18 movies and shows if you love Pose and desperately want more of that on-screen world.

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One of the best things about Pose is how the series explores so many different themes. In just the pilot alone, there were plotlines about gender transitioning, homophobia and transphobia, the AIDS epidemic, queer families, sex work, fashion, and more. Clearly, Pose plans on covering a lot of ground, and it will be exciting to see what happens over time. In the first episode, we met the two main houses — which are shared apartments made for members of the LGBTQ community who are unaccepted in other places — called House Abundance and House Evangelista. The houses have a rivalry going, and even though House Evangelista is newer than House Abundance, its house mother, Blanca (Mj Rodriguez), is determined to make sure that they make a name for themselves in ballroom shows.

It's frustrating to have to wait until Sundays to find out what happens next on Pose, but thankfully you can watch these other shows and movies at any time.


'Paris Is Burning'

The 1991 documentary quickly became a part of the LGBTQ film canon, and rightly so. If you're interested in learning more about Pose's ballroom scene, Paris is Burning is the perfect movie to watch. You can stream it on Netflix now.


'Leave It On The Floor'

This 2011 indie is basically the musical version of Paris is Burning, but it takes place in Los Angeles. If want more voguing in your life, check it out. You can watch it with a subscription for HereTV or rent it on Amazon and iTunes.


3. 'Kiki'

This documentary provides an in-depth look at the current ballroom scene, exploring the culture now when Black Lives Matter and transgender rights are prominent movements. Find it to rent on Amazon.


'Hedwig And The Angry Inch'

It's hard to find another movie that explores gender and sexuality as vibrantly and uniquely as this rock-musical. This one's also up for rent on Amazon and iTunes.



Kitana Kiki Rodriguez plays a transgender sex worker named Sin-Dee Rella in this poignant movie that will make you laugh and cry all at once. Find it on Netflix now.


'Angels In America'

The limited series produced by HBO takes place in New York City around the same time as Pose, and it covers many of the same themes in a beautiful way. You can stream it on HBO Go or Amazon Prime.



Dee Rees wrote and directed this 2011 film about the struggles experienced by a 17 year-old black woman discovering her queer sexuality in an unaccepting household. It's available to stream on Netflix.



While Transparent has its flaws, it also features some brilliant storylines about three transgender characters who are played by trans women, Trace Lysette, Alexandra Billings, and Hari Nef. Find the series on Amazon Prime.


'Boys Don't Cry'

Boys Don't Cry remains one of the few movies to chronicle the life of a trans man (played by Hilary Swank). You can rent it on Amazon and iTunes.



Moonlight is a beautiful and heartbreaking film about a boy's difficult journey to accept his sexuality. It's available to stream on Amazon Prime.


'Orange Is The New Black'

In the same way that the characters in Pose form families, OITNB characters bond together in order to survive. You can catch all the show's seasons on Netflix.



The 2005 film Transamerica stars Felicity Huffman as a transgender woman named Bree, who goes on a road trip with her son. Rent it on Amazon Prime.



Rent includes so many of the themes that Pose explores. There may not be a ballroom show in the musical, but there is plenty of dancing. You can stream it on Netflix.


'RuPaul's Drag Race'

Perhaps no other show is more perfect to follow up Pose with than Drag Race, which celebrates the glamour and beauty of drag. Find past episodes on VH1's website with your internet login or on Logo's site.


'Zenne Dancer'

If you're interested in seeing a movie that's less focused on the U.S., check out this Turkish drama about a queer dancer. The movie is available for streaming on Netflix or you can rent it from iTunes.



Of the many plotlines in Pose, one of the most exciting is the one about Damon's auditioning for dance school. Fame is the perfect movie to watch if you're craving more stories about people pursue their passions in NYC. The 2009 version is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


'A Fantastic Woman'

This film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2018. It follows the story of a transgender woman named Marina (Daniela Vega Hernández) who faces a terrifying situation with an abusive boyfriend. You can rent it on Amazon and iTunes.


'Queer Eye'

Queer Eye celebrates LGBTQ pride in a hugely moving way. Check the show out on Netflix.

You have a lot of movies and series to get you through the days when you don't have a new episode of Pose to catch up on.