Adele Thinks Matt Hancock Is A “Dirty Sod”

She addressed the MP’s affair in her British Vogue cover interview.

The singer Adele performs on stage during RTL's end-of-year review '2015! Menschen, Bilder, Emotione...
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Adele has been making waves this week with an album coming out soon, to the intense excitement of fans, as well as covering British Vogue and US Vogue.

In her cover interview for British Vogue, Adele delved deep into her divorce, her body image, and her new album, which were all commonplace for a celebrity interview.

The unexpected – and hilarious – part came when “talk turn[ed] to former health minister Matt Hancock,” interviewer Giles Hattersley writes, which saw Adele exclaiming: “The dirty sod!”

Specifically, Adele was calling him a “dirty sod” due to the affair he was having with co-worker Gina Coladangelo that was exposed in June. Coladangelo was hired with public money, and photos of them vigorously kissing in Whitehall were later published by The Sun.

Hancock resigned following the exposé and left his wife, while Coladangelo was sent packing by her husband.

Adele did not elaborate on her “dirty sod” comment, but Hattersley did comment that she said it “in full Peggy Mitchell mode,” and then “looks briefly panicked, before shrugging,” owning her amusing comment immediately.

The 15-time Grammy winner will dropping a track from her new album on October 15, called Easy On Me, but there is no official release date for the album yet. We’re going to have to patiently wait to read and hear more banterous tidbits from the singer in the near future.