Aitch’s Flashy Money Habits Are Concerning His Dad

The rapper has amassed an impressive fortune, and he’s having fun spending it.

'Close To Home' rapper Aitch at the 2022 NME Awards
Getty Images/Dave J Hogan

Born Harrison Armstrong, Mancunian rapper Aitch has been on the rise since his feature on Young T and Bugsey’s 2019 track “Strike A Pose.” With seven top 10 singles under his belt so far, it’s fair to say that Aitch is a force to be reckoned with. On top of his burgeoning music career, he has a number of brand deals with Lynx, JD Sports, The North Face, and more. When he’s not scoring brand partnerships, or in the studio, he can often be found vlogging on YouTube, uploading content for his “Life Of Aitch” playlist. At just 22 years old, the rapper has even earned himself a place on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

With many different sources of income, Aitch has enlisted help with keeping on top of it all. Speaking to The Face, the young rapper said that his dad supports him with “financial things and whatnot. Property stuff, or whatever.” In fact, the rapper has spoken of the difficulty of adjusting to his fame (and fortune) on his debut album, Close To Home. On one track titled “Money Habits,” he raps: “Right now, I’m richer than ever/ But I can’t lie, I’ve felt better.” However, on “BelgraveRoad_1,” he shares the delight of having money to spend, detailing buying “Rollies” and booking flights. But the track finishes with a stern voice note sent by his dad. “Ey, kn*bhead. I need these receipts, rapido, you know?” he says. “I’ve got a f*cking Excel sheet in front of me here. You would not believe how much money you’re throwing away without f*cking receipts.” Find out just how Aitch is spending all of his money, below.

3 Ways That Aitch Makes His Money

1. Music

Aitch’s talent for making hits is indisputable, and the numbers prove it. His music is most likely his primary source of income, with his songs racking up billions of streams. Per Business Insider, artists make around $0.005 (£0.0042p) per stream on Spotify Although, the streaming platform themselves have confirmed that money isn’t necessarily dished out on a stream-by-stream basis. “Baby” feat. Ashanti is Aitch’s most-streamed song, with over 60 million views at the time of writing.

2. Brand Partnerships

The “Rain” rapper has several brand deals on the go. He’s currently fronting Relentless Energy (of caffeinated drink fame), and you can even enter a competition to win a day out with him. He’s also the face of JD Sports, and starred in the brand’s glitzy 2021 Christmas advert. But, the rapper also gives back, having recently posted a TikTok video showing himself giving out vouchers for the clothing brand in his hometown.

3. YouTube

Aitch has been sharing regular uploads on the social media platform for years now, with 878,000 subscribers to his channel at the time of writing. According to Statsmash, his channel is estimated to have made £431,139 in advertising revenue.

What is Aitch’s Net Worth?

£1.2 million.

Just four years into his career and Aitch is already earning the big bucks. In fact, he’s doing so well that he has already been able to pay off his parents’ mortgage. He shared with GQ that it was one of the first things he did with his new income. You’ll be pleased to learn that his mum is now “living like a queen.”