Who Is Todd Nepola From Real Housewives Of Miami?

Meet Alexia Echevarria's fiance.

by Kadin Burnett
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HALLANDALE, FL - JANUARY 26:  TV personality Alexia Echevarria (L) and Todd Nepola attend the 2019 P...
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After eight years away from the spotlight, The Real Housewives of Miami is returning to television. On Dec. 16, the best drama South Beach has to offer premiered on Peacock, offering yet another peek inside the drama and outrageous lives of Miami’s most iconic wives. However, that much drama can’t just exist among the main cast; it’s bound to permeate an entire roster of characters, which brings us to Todd Nepola, the fiance of Alexia Echevarria.

He’s The Founder Of A Real Estate Group

Nepola is the president and founder of Current Capital Group, a conglomeration of companies focused on the development, management, and leasing of commercial and residential real estate. According to his company bio, Nepola comes from three generations of investors. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 1994 and pursued a career in investment banking. Shortly thereafter, he started acquiring and developing properties, which was a process that would expand over the next decade, before he ultimately made the decision to start his own firm. His company bio also states that Todd is a father to two daughters, Gabi and Sophia.

His Instagram Is Family Oriented

A quick scroll through Nepola’s Instagram and it’s easy to see that he cares about family. His aforementioned daughters are very present across his entire feed. Nepola isn’t shy about showing off his family’s adventures on the on large floats in the ocean as well as sightseeing in New York and Italy. Unsurprisingly, his fiancee, Alexia Echevarria, is heavily featured across his feed as well. Nepola looks very eager to flex their relationship, consistently posting photos of the duo on the red carpet, the beaches of the Italian coast, and in the deserts of Dubai. One photo in particular, featured below, depicts the couple’s engagement in December 2019: the duo kissing on a couch with the caption “I am the LUCKIEST man. SHE SAID YES.” There doesn’t appear to be much info as to how the two lovebirds met, but according to Daily Dish, Nepola first appeared on Alexia’s Instagram back in early 2018.

What Can We Expect From Him On RHOM?

Even though Nepola may be more of a supporting character to the main cast, he does feature heavily in the trailer for Season 4. We see the couple sharing a couple of cute kisses before the drama actually picks up. It appears that Alexia’s son, Peter, doesn’t seem to be thrilled about his mom’s foray into an engagement. “Just because you decided to dive into this world of being married doesn’t mean I have to participate and all this bullsh*t,” he tells his mom. Later in the trailer, we see Nepola fighting with Peter. “You’re a loser; you’re going to wind up in jail,” Nepola says to Peter. “If you say that one more time, I’m going to beat you up,” Peter retorts. Nepola unloads once more: “I’ll fight you back!” Despite what appears to be a happy relationship, the engaged couple may certainly find themselves deep in the midst of drama this season.

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