Alyssa Is Ready To Bring The Sex Talk to The Circle

She knows all about getting people to open up.

Alyssa Ljubicich is in Season 4 of 'The Circle.'
Tom Dymond/Netflix

Compared with Netflix’s other reality dating shows like Too Hot to Handle, The Circle never has any actual sex, considering the contestants are completely confined to their own rooms and interact only through a social media platform. But contestant Alyssa Ljubicich is determined to bring at least the sex talk and innuendos to Season 4 — and once you find out about her job, she has a pretty good reason for it.

Here’s everything to know about the 27-year-old contestant who hails from New York.

Alyssa’s Job

Alyssa’s debut on The Circle starts with her revealing her two items of utmost importance: her journal and her bright red vulva pillow. “She looks beautiful, and it’s a kind reminder that we all have beautiful vaginas,” she says, nestling it between the pillows on her bed.

As Alyssa explains in her intro, she’s an assistant to a sex coach — think similar to Otis’ mom on Sex Education. Per her LinkedIn, the company is called Pleasure Muse, which is run by Dolly Josette, a TV producer turned sex educator. Alyssa’s LinkedIn notes that alongside being Josette’s assistant, she also runs her social media pages and helps create campaigns and interactions. She also created and maintains the course for their online classes, and sends out mailing lists to Josette’s students and colleagues.

“I love helping people have amazing sex, and I can very comfortably say the word vagina. Vagina, vagina, vagina,” Alyssa says on the show. She adds that her job means that she and her friends are very open about talking about their sexual experiences. “If you have had a romantic anything with any of my friends, I know about every single detail because we’re all so curious about how everyone’s sex life is doing.”

While some contestants have gone in as themselves but lied about their jobs, Alyssa proudly puts her position on her profile. “I think that’s going to be a fun talking point for people,” she says.

Alyssa’s Instagram

Alyssa shares a lot of her knowledge about sex education on her own Instagram. She talks about everything from sexual inhibition and apps that teach you how to improve your sexting game to the importance of enthusiastic consent and birth control.

Alyssa’s Strategy

Considering how proud she is of her work, Alyssa said that she’s going into the game fully being herself. “If I can get people to tell me about their sex lives, I can absolutely get people to tell me about their strategies,” she explains in her introduction. But she added that she’s going by the “No. 1 rule” of The Circle, which is “don’t play too hard, too fast. Actually, that’s kind of a rule in the sex industry too.”