Wait, What Happened Between Izzy & Jackson On Too Hot To Handle?

Despite sharing a few makeout sessions, the two left their relationship unresolved on the show.

by Justice Namaste
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'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3 contestants Izzy and Jackson standing at a tall table in front of a blu...

Spoilers ahead for Too Hot to Handle Season 3. Despite centering around a group of serial daters, there are a number of couples who come out of Too Hot to Handle Season 3. Holly and Nathan profess their love to each other, while Harry and Beaux leave the show in an official relationship — and $90,000 richer.

There’s one pair, however, who we never really get closure on: Izzy and Jackson. The two connected late in the season, after Jackson arrived in Episode 7. They immediately had eyes for each other, and it didn’t take long — less than an episode, in fact — for their beach date to turn into a makeout session... or two... or four? They continued to struggle to keep their lips off of each other, costing the entire Too Hot to Handle cast a pretty penny (though not as much as Holly and Nathan did). But by the time the season ended, it wasn’t really clear if they planned to continue to pursue their connection. (Izzy chose the term “independence” as the word to describe how she felt leaving the experience, implying their brief fling was limited to their time on the island).

Although both Izzy and Jackson live in England — Izzy in Manchester and Jackson in London — their homes are over four hours apart, which means any relationship they had would have to be long distance. They also haven’t posted pictures from anywhere near the same location: Jackson has been traveling in places like Antigua, Spain, and Ireland, while Izzy visited Australasia and Spain but has primarily been at home in Manchester. Even more damning: the two don’t even follow each other on Instagram. (However, it’s worth noting that Jackson is not very active on the site and doesn’t appear to follow any of his other Too Hot To Handle castmates either.) Hopefully they at least learned something on the show that they can carry into their respective dating lives.

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