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Are Logan & Kate Still Together After Bachelor In Paradise?

The couple confronted each other at the Paradise reunion.

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Kate and Logan in Bachelor In Paradise Season 8
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Early during their time on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, both Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer broke up with their respective partners to be with each other. “After our talk, like, I’m sure of it,” Logan told Kate. “I want you ... [I’m] ready for, like, whatever comes with that.”

And then, on their first date, Logan said his connection with Kate was “the biggest flame [he’s] felt.” However, as the great Pink once said, “where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned” — and that proved to be true in this case. Both Logan and Kate went through plenty of ups and downs during their time together, especially when Hayden Markowitz arrived on the beach and Kate started weighing her options and thinking seriously about Logan’s financial future. He couldn’t afford an Equinox membership and had two roommates, Kate said, voicing her concerns that she might have to “carry” Logan.

Logan, for his part, was hurt by Kate’s statement that she needed more from him. “I just don’t feel well-liked by Kate,” he said.

Ultimately, they worked it out — but not for much longer. During the Nov. 21 rose ceremony, Kate turned down Logan’s rose, leading to both of them going home single. “Logan, we have had some unforgettable moments on the beach,” she said. “But you also told me that I was critical, looked down on you, not warm enough, and stimulated by the drama, when in reality, those are projections that I feel from you.”

So, where do Logan and Kate stand today?

Both have commented on their Paradise journey with each other as it’s played out. Kate, for her part, recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about her decision to question Logan’s finances. “Can we just be real for a second? I am tired of having that conversation being so taboo and demonized,” she said. “Money’s not something that we should be afraid of. It is a factor in life.”

She also said, “Logan’s a great guy,” and “there’s nothing wrong with where he is in life.”

Logan, for his part, had some fun with the topic as well. “Proving to my tv girlfriend that I’m not broke,” he wrote in a Nov. 8 TikTok while dancing in front of his car — an apparent response to Kate’s claim that he’s “not established” and “drives an orange Honda.”

During the Nov. 22 reunion, Logan and Kate finally got a chance to discuss the topic with each other directly. Kate said the way she raised her questions was “so out of pocket” and apologized to Logan. “When I was vocalizing those concerns, it was to my girlfriends, in private — something that I never, ever wanted you to hear,” she said.

However, Logan argued that there are “cameras everywhere” and mics on Paradise and responded that he’s proud of where he is today. “For a while I was a scuba instructor, I walked dogs to get by, I did whatever I could for a whole year, and I ended up building an amazing career using a camera ... and it’s something that took a long time,” he said, adding that Kate “tried to humiliate [him] for it.”

The night before, several of Kate’s Paradise castmates defended her final speech to Logan. Sierra Jackson, for example, said Kate was “one of THE sweetest and most genuine people.”

Jill Chin also called Kate “a steadfast friend,” pointing out that “there is always more to the story.”

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