Princess Diana Helped Barbra Streisand With A Wardrobe Mishap

Streisand recalled the malfunction in her memoir My Name Is Barbra.

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Diana, Princess of Wales meets Barbra Streisand at the premiere of 'Prince of Tides' in London.
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Barbra Streisand’s new memoir, My Name Is Barbra, is filled with anecdotes about her life and career — including her near-wardrobe malfunction that was saved by Princess Diana.

As per People, Streisand recalls being seated next to the late Princess at the London premiere of 1992’s The Prince of Tides in the book.

Streisand writes that she did her utmost to adhere to royal tradition, and didn’t fully embrace the applause she received as it would’ve been against protocol to stand up before Princess Diana. However, Lady Di gave her the go-ahead by giving Streisand a “little push.”

Once standing, Streisand recalls that the zipper on her skirt had come down slightly, and Diana was quick to offer her assistance.

“She noticed and quickly started to zip it up for me as I got to my feet,” Streisand writes. “When I finally sat down, Diana turned to me and asked, ‘Do you know how wonderful you are?’”

In the memoir, she continues: “I certainly didn’t know it then. Did I know it now? I’m not sure…maybe a little. I thought Diana was wonderful. I wonder if she knew how wonderful she was.”

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King Charles Is Fond Of Streisand

While hosting a radio special in support of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service in 2021, a then Prince Charles revealed that he had a special affinity for Streisand while discussing some of his favorite musicians.

“I have always been a great admirer of the incredibly versatile American actress and singer Barbra Streisand,” Charles said at the time, revealing that he had met her on the set of 1975’s Funny Lady at Warner Brothers Studios.

“I was lucky enough to visit the set and to meet her there,” Charles continued. “I shall not forget her dazzling, effervescent talent and the unique vitality and attraction of her voice of her acting ability.”

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Streisand & Charles Became Friends

Streisand confirmed Charles’ recollection during a 2021 appearance on the UK daytime show Lorraine, describing the senior royal as “so sweet.”

“He asked to meet me. So he came to the recording studio,” she recalled. “I offered him a sip of tea and I thought, ‘They didn’t have to test me for poison or something? No.’”

Streisand also revealed that she and Charles became friendly after their first encounter. “I loved spending some time at Highgrove for a weekend fundraiser and going through his gardens,” she added.

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Streisand also disclosed the “very funny line” she said on stage during a show Charles attended. “When he came to see the show, I said, ‘Y’know if I’d played my cards right I could’ve wound up being the first Jewish princess.’”

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