Beyoncé's Renaissance Movie Includes A Surprise New Song

Don’t leave before the credits.

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Spoilers ahead for Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé. Beyoncé’s Renaissance concert film sadly doesn’t include any of the album’s long-awaited visuals, and cuts out a few songs from the tour’s setlist — but there is an unexpected gift for fans who are patient enough to wait until the end.

Noted Beyhive member Kalen Allen previously teased that there was a “surprise” at the end of the movie after the Los Angeles premiere on Nov. 25, without giving any details. But after the film hit theaters on the night of Nov. 30, that mystery was revealed.

Bey’s Brand-New Song

While Beyoncé doesn’t include a post-credits scene in the Renaissance film, she does include something new for audience members who don’t leave as soon as the show is over. A brand-new song called “My House” plays as the end credits roll.

Co-written and produced with her constant collaborator The-Dream, “My House” starts with Bey rapping atop marching band horns, drums, and chants. “I’m worth savin’ this money, tonight we gon’ ball out,” she raps, according to Genius. “You can catch me outside and drinkin’ brown liquor until I fall out.”

Beyoncé in 2023.Las Vegas Review-Journal/Tribune News Service/Getty Images

Midway through, the song abruptly transitions into hard-hitting electronic synths that would sound at home on Renaissance, as Bey starts leading a defiant, motivational chant: “Get the f*ck up out of my house.” Of course, she ends with a mantra of self-love, letting fans leave on a note of healing. “Lend your soul to intuitions,” she says in the outro. “Pick me up even if I fall, let love heal us all.”

It’s not known whether the song is a glimpse into Beyoncé’s next project (the Beyhive is still waiting on the mysterious Act II, which has long been rumored to be a country-inspired album), or simply some fun new music for the film, much like how she added a cover of Maze’s “Before I Let Go” to her Homecoming live album and Netflix concert special.

But given the song’s mentions of “Renaissance, the revolution,” it’s very possible that “My House” was a leftover from the Renaissance recording sessions that didn’t make the album. Call it Bey’s version of a “From the Vault” track, if you will.