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The Bridgerton Season 3 Finale Still Has Fans Talking

Viewers just noticed a revealing parallel in Episode 8.

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In the Bridgerton Season 3 finale, fans got to see Colin and Penelope’s happily ever after, with the pair welcoming a little boy, and Pen stepping away from the anonymous gossip to pursue a more honest writing career. Of course, in another life, Lady Whistledown would have had lots to say about the twists and turns of that passionate finale.

In her stead, fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to break down every moment of the latest chapter, which dropped on June 13.

Fans Declared It’s Benedict’s “Time To Shine”

Viewers have long theorized that another side to Benedict’s sexuality might be explored on screen — so it was exciting to see the second-eldest Bridgerton brother pursue a passionate affair with Lady Tilley Arnold and her companion, Paul, in the final episode of Season 3.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

One playful tweet compared their dalliance to Challengers, while another used the musical number from 500 Days of Summer to express just how thrilled they were that both Benedict and his sister (more on that below) were exploring LGBTQ+ love stories.

Several fans also said Benedict’s “time to shine” had officially arrived, suggesting the beloved character might be the Season 4 lead.

Francesca’s Love Story Has A Sweet Twist

Of course, Benedict isn’t the only Bridgerton who had a major love-life development in the Season 3 finale. After getting married to John Stirling, Francesca met his cousin in the final 10 minutes of the season. But instead of being Michael Stirling like in the books, this was Michaela Stirling.


If you know the plot of When He Was Wicked (and spoilers ahead if you don’t), you know that Francesca ultimately falls in love with this cousin after John’s untimely death.

“It makes perfect sense that Michael Stirling is Michaela Stirling in the show. There’s no way a man could ever deliver what Michael Stirling was in the books,” one user wrote, referencing the character’s delightfully rakish charm. “Only a woman can serve like this.”

“Francesca and Michaela might be the prettiest ship in TV history, and I mean that — like who looks like this??” said another fan. Many also noted it was a welcome, timely twist in time for Pride Month.

Several fans pointed out a sweet parallel to notice on rewatch. Francesca was briefly rendered speechless after Michaela’s introduction, and her mom, Violet, previously said that when she first met Edmund, she could “barely speak [her] own name.”

“What she has with John is real and valid,” showrunner Jess Brownell told Vanity Fair. “It is a relationship that is based much more on friendship and companionship, probably, than it is on passion. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not valid, and that it’s not real love.”

Colin & Penelope Had Fans In Tears

Naturally, fans swooned for Colin and Penelope’s friends-to-lovers romance, especially the scene at the final ball of the season, after Penelope came clean to the ton about her alter ego.

One user declared Colin’s final speech to Penelope “the BEST Bridgerton love confession,” which is quite a feat. “Do you know how important it is for Colin to acknowledge his envy?? TO ADMIT IT TO PENELOPE??? In an age where men are always expected to be superior to their wives? His honesty, vulnerability, and humility? BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.”

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Another pointed out the significance of Colin and Penelope’s final kiss of the season, all while holding their new baby.

“The last shot of the season being Penelope kissing Colin in front of the window she spent years staring out at the house where he lived and loved him secretly is the definition of poetic cinema,” they wrote.