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Brooklyn Met Her New Boyfriend After Leaving Bachelor In Paradise

The couple’s photo shoot says it all.

Brooklyn on 'Bachelor in Paradise.' Photo via ABC
ABC/Craig Sjodin

After her emotional exit from Zach Shallcross’ Bachelor season, Brooklyn Willie decided to look for love on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. “Something great could come of this, which I hope,” the rodeo racer said upon her arrival in Mexico.

Ultimately, Brooklyn didn’t find a love match and was sent home during Season 9’s first rose ceremony. But in hindsight, it could have been a good thing. On Oct. 11, she revealed that she’s dating someone new and didn’t have to travel far from home to find him.

“Who knew I’d never have to leave Gilmer, TX to be in Paradise,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Brooklyn’s Lone-Star Love


Brooklyn introduced her new boyfriend, Wilson Nugent, through a romantic photo shoot, complete with a cowboy hat. Although his Instagram is private, his profile picture seems to be from the same session.

Bachelor Nation Celebrates

Several of Brooklyn’s fellow Bachelor Nation alums showed up in the comments to send love. “My Brooklyn, you are glowing and I’m so happy that you are happy!!!” wrote recent Bachelorette Charity Lawson.

Kylee Russell, her BiP co-star, wrote that she was “SO HAPPY” for Brooklyn, while Christina Mandrell said she’d been waiting for this announcement. “Love seeing you this happy!!” she wrote, to which Brooklyn replied, “hard launch initiated!!”

Before going on BiP, Brooklyn told that the biggest lesson she learned from The Bachelor was how love “should never feel forced” and “will feel natural” when it happens.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

And while Brooklyn didn’t meet Wilson on the Mexican beaches, that lesson seems to apply to her new relationship as well. It doesn’t get much more natural than a local beau who appears to share Brooklyn’s love for rodeo culture.

Brooklyn’s Bachelor Journey

While her time on Paradise was short, Brooklyn’s experience on Zach’s Bachelor season was much more substantial. She was eliminated shortly before hometowns. Zach said it was unfair to Brooklyn for him not to be “fully confident and fully sure” before meeting her family.

Craig Sjodin/Disney General Entertainment Content/Getty Images

In an Instagram post reflecting on her exit, Brooklyn said she was grateful for her time with Zach. “This entire journey has helped shape me in the best way possible,” she wrote. “I truly feel I was able to find myself again after having been so lost for so long.”

She’s Making Moves

A new boyfriend isn’t Brooklyn’s only life update since leaving Mexico. According to her Instagram, she started working as a realtor this summer and is infusing her fun-loving personality into her job.

“Whether you’re Career Barbie, President Barbie, or Realtor Barbie, this is your dream kitchen,” she said of a listing in a recent Barbie movie-themed TikTok, promising in the caption that the abode “is no Mojo Dojo Casa.”