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All The Celeb Relatives Revealed Or Rumored On Claim To Fame Season 3

Season 3 has “the biggest celebrity relatives” yet, according to Kevin Jonas.

Kevin and Franklin Jonas. Photo via ABC
Disney/Chris Willard

Claim to Fame Season 3 is finally here — and though past celebrity connections have set the bar pretty high (who could forget Tom Hanks’ niece Carly Reeves?), the latest installment may just up the ante, according to co-hosts Kevin and Franklin Jonas.

During a recent appearance on Radio Andy, Kevin said Season 3 has “the biggest celebrity relatives, like the most famous people, that we’ve ever had — I think by far.”

In case you haven’t tuned in yet, Claim to Fame follows a group of people who are all related to different celebrities but aren’t in the limelight themselves. They spend the show trying to identify each other’s family connections, with the last person standing (i.e., whoever evades recognition the longest) receiving a handsome prize of $100,000.

So, the stakes are high! And already Season 3 is proving to be a twisty ride. Here’s a recap of every celebrity relative revealed on Claim to Fame Season 3, which premiered on July 10 — plus, a look at some of the clues and rumors about who’s next to be identified.

Bianca Is Robin Roberts’ Niece

Bianca found herself on the chopping block in the Claim to Fame Season 3 premiere. She tried to save herself by guessing the celebrity relative of castmate Shane, theorizing that it was Forest Whitaker. However, this was incorrect — and Bianca was sent home, but not before her own relative was revealed: Robin Roberts!

Disney/Erica Hernandez

“You’ve always been something special,” the Good Morning America anchor told her niece in a sweet, pre-recorded video message. “But now, the fact that you’re venturing outside of your comfort zone, staking your claim to fame — who would have thought it? Your family thought it, because you have been the star of our family all along.”

Dedrick Is (Potentially) A Jackson

At the end of the premiere episode, the cast was having fun doing magic tricks when Dedrick chimed in with an apparent slip-up. “I can’t do that in front of my kids because they’ll actually try it,” he said. “Problem is, I’ll walk into the ER or something and they’ll be like, ‘For real Mr. Jackson? Again?’”

Disney/Erica Hernandez

Now, revealing your surname is certainly a no-no on this show — especially if you happen to share a surname with a famous musical family. (Two of Dedrick’s clues said his relative was a big name in music.)

Dedrick’s castmates noticed the apparent blunder, though it could certainly be a sneaky misdirect.

Rumors About Claim To Fame Season 3 Say...

Fans on Reddit began speculating even before Season 3 premiered, and they have some compelling leads. Several have theorized, for example, that Miguel is actually Raphael, the nephew of Jamie Lee Curtis, and that Dedrick is indeed a Jackson — Siggy Jackson, to be exact, son to Jackie Jackson and nephew to Michael Jackson.