Colton Underwood & Jordan C. Brown Are Expecting Their First Child

“We can show this kid love.”

Colton Underwood and his husband, Jordan C. Brown.
Sarah Morris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown are going to be parents. The couple made the happy announcement in a new interview with Men’s Health, sharing that their surrogate is due to give birth to a baby boy in October.

Underwood also detailed their experience planning a family with the outlet, sharing that they used an egg donor concierge service and decided against knowing which of their sperm was selected in the process.

“Some people want blue eyes and blond hair,” he explained. “We want somebody deep and cool. I believe in nature vs. nurture. So give us the basics and we can show this kid love.”

The Bachelor alum took to Instagram on May 21 to celebrate the news. “Our little boy is coming this fall,” he wrote in a caption, along with a photo of an ultrasound scan.

Speaking to People, Underwood also said he and his husband “cannot wait” to become parents. “That was one of the things we bonded over early in our relationship,” he said. “We both wanted to be dads ... It's been such an incredible experience for us to go through this together.”

Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown.Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Bachelor star, who came out as gay in 2021, first met the political strategist at a party in April 2021. The couple got engaged the following February, and tied the knot in a Napa Valley wedding ceremony in the summer of 2023.

On May 13, Underwood celebrated their first anniversary on Instagram. “Happy Anniversary to the man that challenges me to be a better version of myself every day,” he wrote. “Loving you is easy and I can’t believe I get to do it for the rest of our lives. Love you sharks.”

Journey To Fatherhood

The couple began their fertility journey in 2022, with Underwood documenting the process on the Daddyhood podcast, which he launched in February this year.

At one point, he disclosed to People that he and Brown experienced some unexpected fertility challenges — most notably, a test result that revealed Underwood’s sperm count was low — but happily, those roadblocks didn’t stop them from becoming parents.

The former NFL player also said the couple enjoy a “beautiful friendship” with their surrogate. “We're very protective over her. We've been to every single doctor's appointment,” he added, revealing that their surrogate was the one who told them they were going to be parents.

“She got to text us and share the exciting news, and it was such a moment of, I think, relief for us,” he recalled. “We're so fortunate and lucky to have her, but her to make us feel a part of it too, it was really special.”