Everyone's Relationships Blew Up In Younger Season 7

Is the love triangle finally over?

Liza and Charles in 'Younger' Season 7

Spoilers ahead for Episodes 1-4 of Younger Season 7. For as long as Younger has been around, there’s been one driving question: will Liza end up with Josh or Charles? Josh represented the fun, flirty life she lived as a (fake) 26-year-old; Charles was the age-appropriate and stable boss who understood the literary world she was making her career in. Heading into Season 7, it seemed the table was set for Liza to finally end up happily ever after with one of them.

And yet by the end of Episode 4, Liza, Charles, and Josh are all involved with new people. It seems impossible the long-played love triangle is going all the way out the window — if anything, there are just more players and more complicated shapes. So where does that leave everyone with only seven episodes left in the show?


Though Josh and Liza’s feelings seemed to come to a head at the end of Season 6, Season 7 finds them in a much better place. After Liza tried to cut Josh out of her life and Josh confessed his feelings to Liza, they apparently decided that they would stay friends, in some nebulous way.

It didn’t take long for Josh falls into the arms of someone new. When a rapper client flakes on getting a tattoo, their no-nonsense agent KT shows up instead — and hooks up with Josh. The hookup is loud enough that it gets the attention of Josh’s roommates, Kelsey and Lauren. But all take it in good stride — after all, he’s finally moving on from Liza, right? Or at least we hope: as seen in a few shots in the Younger trailer, there’s still some stuff for the two to sort out in the episodes ahead.



After receiving a proposal from Charles, Liza was understandably excited. But also not quite ready for marriage — maybe ever, after a talk with Josh reminds her of the porousness of labels. “I think we’re finally free of needing to define ourselves of those rules and obligations,” she tells Charles in the premiere episode. But he shuts her down, decisively, stating that marriage is important to him. “I do know what I want, and it’s not a ride or some kind of fantasy. I want to get off the carousel; I want a partner in life … I may be old-fashioned, but I believe in marriage.”

Though Liza tries to fight it over the next two episodes, she ultimately finds that Charles isn’t interested in exploring the relationship with a hope that they can someday find a compromise. In Episode 3, she accepts that it’s officially over between them.

Luckily she doesn’t have to look far for her next crush: Kai Manning, the “nine-time Triple Crown winner and surf legend,” who’s writing his memoir for Empirical. He’s understanding not just of her urge to live a life without being nailed down, but also of her desire to take it slow romantically (at least, until she sneaks into the shower with him).

But don’t ring the wedding bells just yet. From what Liza’s seen of Kai’s journals — a lot of nudity, for starters — he’s not necessarily the commitment type. Plus, as an editee he may present a lot of consternation, which isn’t a lot of fun for a relationship, especially when she’s still working for her ex.


Speaking of, Charles is being wooed by Quinn, the woman who once almost invested in his company and ruined the reputation of it all at once by faking sales of her memoir.

This season, she’s invested in growing and learning from her failures, with a new book (The ‘F’ Word) devoted to that journey. Unsurprisingly, she’s returned to Empirical to work with the gang again, and especially Charles, who she’s getting closer and closer to.

Her about-face may be hard to believe, but Peter Hermann, who plays Charles, told Us Magazine that he thinks there’s more potential between them than you’d think. “Reading the script, I kept thinking, ‘Really, is she authentic here?'” Hermann said. “I think that for Charles she is steady. She seems so much more — in a sense, oddly … safer than Liza … After heartbreak, he moves towards that, but all will be revealed.”

Whether that means there’s room for Liza and Charles to come together romantically again, or if Quinn is going to make good on her promise at the end of Episode 4 to potentially oust Liza professionally, we’ll just have to wait and see.