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Logan Might Change His Mind About Dating Rachel On The Bachelorette

He just couldn’t shake his “great connection” with Gabby.

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Logan Palmer and Rachel Recchia in 'The Bachelorette' Season 19 via ABC's press site
ABC/Craig Sjodin

As soon as ABC announced Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey as co-leads for The Bachelorette Season 19, fans began wondering how that would work. Even after the new batch of contestants arrived at Bachelor Mansion, it became apparent that the women would be figuring it out as they went on their journeys to find love. “What happens if both women fall in love with the same man?” host Jesse Palmer asked at the top of the premiere, claiming not to know the answer himself. Though the joint Bachelorettes seemed to find their footing when they split the men into two groups during Week 3, contestant Logan Palmer’s confession in the following episode could change the game all over again.

Even though he accepted Rachel’s group date rose, the 26-year-old videographer realized he might want to switch sides and pursue Gabby instead. “Any time I’m in a room with both Gabby and Rachel, I realize my feelings toward Gabby,” he admitted to Jesse in Good Morning America’s sneak peek of the Aug. 1 episode.

Before Logan’s potential change of heart, three contestants had rejected Rachel during the previous rose ceremony. Though he ultimately accepted Rachel’s rose first, Logan still could have gone either way, having pursued both women as early as night one. Further complicating matters? Rachel and Gabby both felt a connection with him, too. After Logan kissed both women during the Week 2 cocktail party, Gabby decided to put her feelings aside so that her co-star could pursue a relationship with him.

“Rachel feels very strongly about Logan. I want to be able to give her that space in order to nurture,” Gabby explained in a confessional. “It’s truly not worth stepping on Rachel’s toes in this scenario.”

During a boxing group date that Gabby organized for her men, it was Rachel who suffered the biggest blow. After watching how clearly Gabby’s men were professing their affection for her, Rachel quickly noticed how none of her men seemed all that proactive, nor interested in doing the same for her. Things reached a fever pitch when she approached all her men and chastised them for not taking any initiative.

To make matters worse, Rachel had been expressing apprehensions for the majority of the episode regarding whether or not she felt the men were giving her what she needed. “I hate, every single day getting to the point of wanting to leave,” Rachel said.

Enter Logan, who began realizing, whilst watching the boxing date, that he may have stronger feelings for Gabby than for Rachel. “This is my first time seeing Gabby in a while,” he said. “And I find myself looking to the other side” Remember, however, that Logan committed to Rachel in Episode 3. When it was time for Rachel’s group date, Logan told cameras that he needs to “find complete clarity that Rachel and I have that kind of lighting bolt connection that can stick.” Despite the looming drama, the rest of the date, which was all about seduction, appeared to liven Rachel’s spirits.

As the date ended, Logan told cameras, once again, that he was still stuck thinking about Gabby, which led him to seek counsel with Jesse. During his conversation with Jesse in Episode 4, Logan said that he and Gabby “had a great connection” on the first group date. “But then Rachel gave me a rose,” he continued, adding that he didn’t see how he could move forward “without bringing it up in some way.” After Jesse pointed out that he accepted Rachel’s rose knowing he was expected to date only her moving forward, the host asked if he saw a future with Gabby. “There is a lot of unanswered questions there,” Logan replied. “I need to talk to Gabby.”

Before the cocktail party, Jesse informed the group that "it's time for me to come forward for some honest truths." However, before any of Logan’s potential drama could unfold, Rachel had to eloquently and thankfully usher Hayden clean off the show for his disrespectful comments. And while it was the right move, it didn’t exactly set a favorable stage for more fireworks, especially being that the cocktail party was cancelled shortly thereafter.

Logan appeared to worry after that, telling cameras, “there’s no way I can move forward with Rachel.”

As the rose ceremony began to develop, it was clear that Logan was going to have to make a pretty difficult decision. Would he continue to keep accepting roses from Rachel, in order to potentially prolong an opportunity with Gabby? Or would he tell the truth about his misgivings once and for all? Rachel gave him the opportunity by offering him her rose, and after a brief hesitation, he responded, “yes.”

As the episode came to a close, Logan did express that he had plans to confess everything that was on his mind, but that may be difficult when all of Rachel’s men agreed to try to go one whole week without upsetting her — keep setting the bar high, fellas.

Regardless of the outcome, Gabby and Rachel told Bustle in July that, in addition to having a “supportive and strong” friendship, communication was the key to keeping things drama-free between them in such instances. “Rachel and I always put each other first from the beginning. We set ourselves up for success,” Gabby shared. “If people aren’t as close in a friendship, that’s when things can get messy.”

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