Everything To Know About FBoy Island Season 3

FBoy Island’s renewal is still up in the air.

Tamaris Sepulveda, Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard on 'FBoy Island'
Hassen Salum/HBO Max

FBoy Island turned up the drama and stakes in its sophomore season, many thanks to a surprise twist in the finale. In Season 1, the leading ladies only had two choices; they could pick a nice guy and split $100,000, or choose a jerk and potentially lose out on that entire prize and a shot at romance. But host Nikki Glaser introduced a new option in Season 2: the women could simply choose themselves and take all the money for themselves. That’s exactly what Tamaris Sepulveda did, sparking an ending that outdid the first season’s finale. With Season 2 one-upping Season 1, the only question is: Where can FBoy Island go in Season 3?

As of yet, there is no official word on the future of FBoy Island. Season 2 was announced in mid-August 2021, just a little over a week after the Season 1 finale. The second season wrapped up on August 4, 2022; if HBO Max follows last year’s example, fans may have to wait a little longer to learn about the show’s future. Glaser was a vocal advocate of the show after Season 1 finished airing, telling Variety that she “couldn't be happier about returning to FBoy Island for Season 2." She added, “The only downside is that it confirms my greatest fear: that there are more than 12 fboys on planet earth." Glaser’s (very valid) fears aside, here’s everything to know about a potential Season 3 of FBoy Island.

The FBoy Island Season 3 Potential Premiere Date

Based on the show’s history, Season 3 is almost a lock for summer 2023. The show’s first season aired in July 2021, only for Season 2 to begin streaming in July 2022. The show’s first two seasons opted to release episodes in batches instead of all at once. And Season 3 likely won’t be any different. If HBO Max continues to follow this schedule, the third season of FBoy Island will probably extend from July into August 2023. Plus, a show about sexy summer debauchery and intrigue works better when it’s sunny.

The FBoy Island Season 3 Cast

Hassen Salum/HBO Max

Until HBO Max renews FBoy Island for Season 3 and begins the casting process, it is hard to know who will appear in the potential next installment. However, if we can glean anything from Season 2, it’s that we might see some familiar faces. Fans of the show’s second season will remember reformed fboys Casey and Peter making their triumphant return to the reality show. It’s unlikely that either contestant will return for Season 3, considering that Peter won with Mia, and Casey got his heart ripped in the finale again. But don’t rule out any cameos, though. Fans may be able to expect any of Season 2’s fan favorites to return for another chance at finding love, money, or drama. As for host Nikki Glaser, she will likely return for the new season, although nothing is set in stone yet.

This post will be updated as more FBoy Island Season 3 details become available.