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Gabi From The Bachelor Already Has A Lot In Common With Zach

The spoilers tease an interesting journey ahead.

As viewers wait to see how Zach and Gabi's 'Bachelor' journey plays out, here's everything to know a...
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The goal of a Bachelor limo arrival is to make a memorable first impression on the man with the roses by whatever means necessary. Contestant Gabriella “Gabi” Elnicki made an impression — but sadly, it didn’t seem to be a positive one. Gabi had Zach Shallcross take a swig of maple syrup from her home state of Vermont, but it didn’t necessarily win him over. “The look on his face just didn’t look like it resonated well with his palate,” she said during the Jan. 23 premiere. “So I’m hoping that I resonate better. It might have left a bad taste in his mouth.”

Fortunately, she was able to make it through the first rose ceremony. But what lies ahead for Gabi on Zach’s Bachelor season? Here’s everything to know about her job, social media, and what the spoilers say about her outcome on the show.

Gabi’s Job

As Gabi shared in her Bachelor bio, she works as an account executive. Though her hometown is Pittsford, Vermont, her LinkedIn states that she’s been working in the Houston area for several years — making her (distant) Texas neighbors with Zach himself.

Gabi’s Instagram

Several of Gabi’s recent Instagram posts revolve around her celebrating her friends’ weddings and engagements — so it’s no surprise that she’s ready for that milestone herself. “Gabi is so ready for marriage that she even has her dream wedding venue picked out in Italy on Lake Como,” her Bachelor bio reads. “Hope Zach is ready for a destination wedding!”

When she’s not traveling to Europe or California, Gabi shares photos of herself spending time in the Houston area.

Further back on Gabi’s Instagram, you can see photos of her in college at the University of Mississippi — where, according to Reality Steve, she was reportedly sorority sisters with fellow contestant Greer Blitzer.

Gabi’s Bachelor Spoilers

Does Gabi recover from her sticky maple syrup situation and go far on Zach’s Bachelor season? There are reports about her fate on the show, if you’re interested. Spoilers ahead.

Reality Steve writes that Gabi does, indeed, make it to the final three after Zach visits her Vermont hometown. He also reports that she was caught reading How to Win The Bachelor at the mansion. If so, it seems that the book’s advice paid off — because @bachelorwhatever on Instagram reports that Zach actually proposes to Gabi! Granted, that’s just a report, but the account did share Zach’s final three women before Reality Steve posted his own spoiler roundup. Either way, Gabi is definitely a contender to watch.