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Golden Bachelor Fans Are Applauding Faith’s “Classy” Gesture After The Finale

“You are such a stand-up woman.”

'The Golden Bachelor' fans praised Faith Martin for her "classy" congratulatory message to Gerry Tur...
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Despite a heartbreaking elimination on The Golden Bachelor, Faith Martin doesn’t seem to be harboring any ill will toward Gerry Turner.

One day after Gerry revealed his engagement — and upcoming televised wedding — to Theresa Nist on the show’s Nov. 30 finale, Faith congratulated the happy couple on Instagram. “You found each other and made us proud! Love you BOTH!” the third-place finisher captioned her Dec. 1 post, which she set to the tune of Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration.”

A Class Act

In the comments section, Theresa responded, “Thank you so much, my beautiful friend, Faith! You are the best. Love you so much!!”

Meanwhile, other commenters were quick to praise Faith’s “classy” gesture. “You are such a stand-up woman and we love you!” one fan wrote, while another lauded her as “classy through and through.” A third person added, “This is so nice and respectful, Faith. Praying you find your guy!”

One follower even suggested that Faith, who attended the live finale taping, would make a “regal” Golden Bachelorette.

A Golden Future?

Though ABC has yet to reveal if there will be a Golden Bachelorette spinoff, Faith became an early front-runner after Gerry told her he loved her, but still broke up with her after Hometowns Week anyway. As it turns out, Faith is on board to lead the potential new series, too.

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“It would be hard to say no to anything they offered me because it was such a great experience,” she told Bustle. “I don’t know what they look for; I thought it was always the runner-up [who becomes the Bachelorette], and I’m not the runner-up. ... But they can probably get me to do anything for them — that’s how much I love the crew.”

Though several Bachelor runners-up have become the next Bachelorette, the Bachelor Data Instagram account reported that more third-place finishers have actually been tapped as series leads.

Time To Heal

Faith seems ready to move on. ABC filmed the inaugural Golden Bachelor season in August, leaving Faith time to bounce back from the breakup. As she further explained, she sat in a hotel room and started writing a song about the experience, following her elimination.

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“I process all my emotions through music, and I’ve already written a couple of songs,” Faith said. “Even if it hurts, it’s a good thing to feel. ... I had to literally get out all the feelings.”

At the “Women Tell All” taping, Faith revealed to ABC’s On the Red Carpet that she and Gerry hugged and admitted they still love each other. “It’s OK for us to love each other in an appropriate way,” she explained. Sharing the interview to Instagram on Nov. 30, Faith wrote, “Every breakup should be this good.”

She also spoke fondly of Theresa, aka her former Bachelor Mansion roommate. “She is a very sweet soul. She’s very innocent, naive, and I think wants to feel included in the group chats,” Faith told Glamour, addressing Theresa’s “zip it” drama with Kathy Swarts. “I don’t feel like there was ever anything mean-spirited about her. She’s not a malicious person at all.”