Gerry Turner’s Daughter Calls Out The Golden Bachelor Divorce Backlash

“Behind every story, there are real people with real feelings.”

The Golden Bachelor's Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner, and Angie Warner.
John & Joseph Photography/Disney via Getty Images

The Golden Bachelor’s daughter is calling out fan backlash. Writing on Instagram, one of Gerry Turner’s two daughters, Angie Warner, addressed viewer reactions to her father and Theresa Nist’s divorce, which the couple announced on April 12 after three months of marriage.

Noting that Gerry and Theresa’s breakup “sparked a range of emotions and opinions,” Warner said she’s disappointed by some fan comments.

“I love how invested people were in the show, what an experience to have you along for the ride!” she wrote on April 24. “What has been disheartening is the level of rage and cruelty that our family has been met with.” Describing her father and Theresa as “kind, good people,” Warner added that the Golden couple decided to divorce “for them, no one else.”

“I kindly urge everyone to remember that behind every story, there are real people with real feelings,” she continued, before thanking fans who have shown them “love and compassion.”

Concluding her post, which featured an image of the quote “Everything works out in the end,” Warner shared a link to a Dear Shandy podcast episode, in which host Andy Levine spoke highly of Gerry and Theresa’s decision.

The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry and Theresa with their families. John Fleenor/Disney General Entertainment Content/Getty Images

On the podcast, Levine said he “100%” believed that the Golden Bachelor stars had a “real, strong romantic connection,” and credited them for deciding to end their marriage so soon. “They could have milked this for a year,” he continued. “They could have been like, ‘Hey Theresa — let’s get some Instagram followers. Let’s get some fame. Let’s do some red carpet.’”

Despite negative reactions to the couple’s divorce, many agreed with Warner’s stance. “I think people are just heartbroken and so shocked. That doesn’t give anyone the right to be unkind though,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

Gerry and Theresa announced their separation during a joint Good Morning America interview on April 12. They met on the debut season of The Golden Bachelor and got engaged during the show’s finale. On January 4, they tied the knot in the televised Golden wedding, attended by friends, family, and Bachelor Nation alums.