TikTok Thinks Harry Styles Is Secretly Going Bald And Now I Can’t Unsee It

Talk about a hair-raising idea.

Harry Styles on stage in New York in 2022
Getty Images/Gilbert Carrasquillo

TikTok can be a strange and wonderful place. From videos on multiverse theories to Heartstopper fan theories, there’s no telling what you might come across when perusing the social media platform. The latest? Some fans reckon that Harry Styles is going bald. Yes, you did read that correctly. In fact, a select few believe that the former One Direction singer has taken to wearing a hairpiece to hide his secret.

To understand why some are doubting the validity of Harold’s lustrous locks, we must first look to the original source: a blind gossip item posted by DeuxMoi. “This A list musician/occasional actor has a dirty little secret he hasn’t shared with fans,” the post reads. “Literally. He has gone almost completely bald. His hairpiece is so lifelike that only a good eye could pick it out, and that’s on a bad day. However, he doesn’t take it off.” While some followers speculated that the celeb in question might be Machine Gun Kelly, DeuxMoi quickly shot it down. "Can you guys please stop sending me emails about MGK's hairline?" an update reads.

So how did Mr. Styles end up as a leading suspect? Well, at the start of July, TikTok user @abi.henry posted this video, claiming that the singer finds it easy to go out in public without fans recognising him, making him a prime candidate. “If I find out we are being robbed of bald Harry era, I’m going to throw hands,” she remarked.

The theory soon gathered steam, with @allthelovesoph posting a more detailed video examining photos of Styles performing, and analysing his hairline. The evidence? A pair of photos showing the artist leaping about on stage. In one, his hair is flying along in a suspicious manner, truthers claim. In a second image, which shows Styles running his hand through the back of his head, they claim he could be adjusting some kind of hairpiece.

Is there any truth to it? Probably not, to be honest. Commenting on @allthelovesoph’s video, original TikTok source Abigail said that her “theory” was supposed to be a joke, while DeuxMoi posted a picture of Harry Styles on their Instagram story accompanied by the caption “hairline looking strong [and] gorgeous.” Still, it hasn’t stopped fans from going wild for what they’ve dubbed Harry’s “Baldrry” era. One even baked a “baldrry cake” in his honour.