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UK Viewers Will Have To Wait For The Terrifying Hellraiser Reboot

Here’s everything we know about the fright night movie.

Pinhead in the Hulu 'Hellraiser' reboot

Happy (early) Halloween. Cult 1987 horror flick Hellraiser is lined up for a present-day reboot, with Sense8 and The L Word: Generation Q’s Jamie Clayton playing its iconic villain Pinhead. Originally written and directed by horror and fantasy author Clive Barker, the flick often tops lists of must-watch horror films. The plot centres around a mysterious puzzle box with a highly cursed aura — and the troubling ability to summon up a cult of sadomasochistic demons called the Cenobites.

When certain humans get a hold of the magic box, they expect to find a world of hedonism waiting on the other side, but unfortunately, the Cenobites have lost the ability to differentiate between pain and pleasure. In other words, their interpretation of S&M is less like Rihanna’s dancefloor banger of the same name, and more like getting tortured and experimented upon for all eternity.

An updated version of a classic, the David Bruckner-directed refresh centres around “a young woman struggling with addiction [who] comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box,” according to Hulu’s synopsis. Unfortunately, she’s “unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites, a group of sadistic supernatural beings from another dimension.” Uh Oh!

As well as hinting towards a gripping refresh for the horror classic, a new trailer also shows Jamie Clayton as the story’s scariest villain Pinhead. Grand Army’s Odessa A’zion, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’s Goran Visnjic, Boss Level’s Selina Lo and 13 Reasons Whys Brandon Flynn also play unconfirmed roles.

At time of writing, there’s no UK release date for the horror reboot, which airs in the U.S. on Oct. 7 via Hulu. Though a UK network hasn’t been announced yet, Disney+ could well be a good shout, since The Walt Disney Company has majority ownership over the streaming platform and frequently gives a second home to Hulu shows.

Bustle has reached out to Disney+ for comment.