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Fans Are Trying To Save iCarly After The Reboot’s Cancellation

Viewers deserve to know Carly and Spencer’s mom at last!

Fans Are Trying To Save 'iCarly' After Paramount+'s Cancellation
Lisa Rose/Paramount+

Paramount+ is about to face the wrath of Freddie’s mom — and even worse, the fandom. On Oct. 4, the iCarly reboot was canceled after three seasons. The decision was especially heartbreaking to fans since Season 3’s finale ended on a cliffhanger that many have been waiting for since the original show.

The streaming service confirmed its decision to Variety, stating it decided to end the series after giving fans a full-circle storyline. “The series had a great three-season run and delivered on what fans really wanted to see with Carly and Freddie finally getting together,” Paramount+ said in a statement. “We want to thank the entire cast, the writers, directors and producers along with the whole crew for their dedication, creativity and talent.”

The reboot followed Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove), her brother, Spencer (Jerry Trainor), and former producer Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress) as adults setting out to revamp her former webshow for today’s social media landscape, without her feisty best friend and co-host, Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy, who opted not to return).

iCarly originally aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons (2007–2012), garnering five Emmy nominations and some of the network’s highest ratings. When the show returned almost a decade later in 2021, it became Paramount+’s second most-watched original series.

Some fans are puzzled by the decision, and have turned to X (formerly Twitter) to say so. They aren’t letting the show go down without a fight.

The iCarly Cancellation Shocks Fans

The Season 3 finale teed up riveting storylines for a fourth season. After Freddie’s mom and Lewbert ditch their wedding ceremony, Carly and Freddie almost decide to get married. But then Carly and Spencer’s long-lost mother walks in off-camera. They’re shocked. Harper voices the question everyone is asking: “You have a mom?”

Naturally, viewers wondered why Paramount+ would cancel iCarly without wrapping up all of that. On Aug. 4, the streamer asked on X, “Who do YOU think should play Carly and Spencer’s mom?” Fans quickly called out Paramount+ for making this post and giving them false hope.

Around the same time, Paramount+ shared a finale clip captioned, “Carly and Spencer deserve better.” One viewer responded to that post, “And so do the cast, writers, crew, and fans of this show. Think about fixing this, guys.”

#SaveiCarly Is Trending

Hours after the show’s cancellation, hashtags like #SaveiCarly and #WeWantiCarlyS4 started trending on X. Fans even created a petition to save the series.

“Telling myself just because the series is canceled doesn’t mean an eventual movie is cancelled,” one fan wrote on X. “As someone who used to watch iCarly as a kid, I’ve loved getting these characters back with the reboot,” another user added. “It would be such a shame to end it after its best season[,] especially with that cliffhanger.”

Others criticized Paramount+ for ending the show so abruptly. “A beloved show that has been in our hearts for 16 years, what a disrespectful way to end it,” one fan posted. Another viewer summed up the frustration succinctly: “Imagine taking one of the greatest tv shows of all time, which had a tight ending that everyone liked, doing a revival that is acclaimed as the best out there and then canceling it without a conclusion,” they wrote.


Carly and Freddie finally got together in Season 3, fulfilling many longtime fans’ wishes (unless you shipped Seddie instead). But the show’s abrupt end has dashed hopes of seeing a Creddie wedding.

“I will NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR TAKING THEM AWAY FROM ME. YOU HEAR ME?????” one fan wrote. “Freddie Benson promised he was always gonna be here and now you’re doing him like this???” another pointed out. However, some fans are using Creddie’s future as motivation to keep advocating. “I REFUSE to let them go just yet,” one user wrote. “If we need delusion, anger and a whole lot of spamming then so be it. This game is on, Paramount!!”

While much of the cast has yet to comment on iCarly’s unexpected end, partly due to the SAG strike, Kress also hoped the reboot would receive a proper ending one day.

“Obviously this stings a bit,” he wrote on X. “We had a lot of story left to tell, and we were excited to give you guys the ending you deserved. No one wanted this to end on a cliffhanger. Maybe somehow, someday, we’ll find out how the story ends.”