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Izzy From Love Is Blind Got Matching Tattoos With His New Girlfriend

Plot twist: Stacy was unexpectedly involved.

Following his failed wedding in the Love Is Blind Season 5 finale, Izzy Zapata didn’t give up on his quest for a Titanic-level romance. More than a year later, he seemed to have finally found someone worthy of the unsinkable love he was looking for.

At the reunion, he and an unnamed woman were “not official yet,” but were “getting to that point.” He hinted to co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey that she is “an amazing girl,” who was meeting him after the taping in Los Angeles to jet off on a romantic getaway.

Since then, they’ve taken the next step, and she is now officially Izzy’s girlfriend, he reveals to Bustle. “She’s been super supportive through this entire process,” says the Houston-based sales rep, who’s keeping his partner’s identity private for now. “I give her props because I try to put myself in her shoes, and it is a lot. She’s honestly kept me so calm and cool through this. It’s been amazing.”

Izzy’s New Ink

As Izzy shared at the reunion, his ex-fiancée, Stacy Snyder, has already met his new girlfriend — whether they liked it or not. After rekindling their friendship earlier this year, Izzy and Stacy ended up on an unplanned double date at a Houston cooking class with their respective partners.

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Izzy reveals that the paella cooking demo was his and his current girlfriend’s first date. The class inspired them to take a major step in their relationship that might be even more permanent than marriage: While in L.A. after the reunion, they “ended up getting matching tattoos,” Izzy reveals, displaying new “Yes Chef” ink on his wrist.

“It kind of ties back to the first date where we were with Stacy in the cooking class,” he explains. “She and I kept talking to the chef, and we were like, ‘Yes, chef! Yes, chef!’ So it just stayed with us.”

Though the relationship is still “fairly new,” Izzy adds that they’ve “been together consistently” almost daily. “It’s just been phenomenal,” he gushes, adding that the relationship “feels so natural and organic.”

He’s Friendly With His Exes

Greg Gayne/Netflix

Meanwhile, he’s also made peace with his Love Is Blind exes. After Stacy decided she wasn’t ready to marry him in the Season 5 finale, Izzy tried to rekindle a spark with Johnie Maraist in a Houston bar shortly after filming wrapped in June 2022.

“We did try to explore it, and we ended up making out in my Jeep at the end of the night. But we could just tell that we weren’t each other’s person,” he shares, explaining that they’re “cordial” now.

On the other hand, he and Stacy didn’t communicate for roughly a year before another run-in at a Houston bar reunited them. Now, their relationship is totally different.

“We talk every single day just to check in on each other and everything like that. We’re actually really good friends,” he explains. “We’re closer than ever.”