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The Janet Jackson Documentary Premiere Inspired So Many Memes & Tweets

“This documentary is doing my heart so well.”

The documentary 'Janet Jackson' has inspired countless tweets and memes since its premiere.
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From now on, feel free to just call Jan. 28 “Janet Jackson Day.” Friday marked the much-anticipated debut of the music icon’s four-part self-titled documentary from Lifetime and A&E, and it was an occasion to celebrate. The first night of the Janet Jackson release gave fans two parts, each about 40 minutes long, and fans’ reactions on Twitter are full of love.

Though the documentary isn’t the first to explore Jackson’s life, it is “the definitive story” on her, according to Lifetime. Over the course of the first two parts, viewers watched as Janet shared her story, from her childhood in a famous family to how she began to find her own path. Along the way, she also opened up about topics that have long been largely off-limits to the public, including her relationship with late brother Michael Jackson and her love life. And fans couldn’t get enough. “If your name not Janet Jackson between 7pm-9pm, do not bother me! Unless its during a commercial break!” one tweeted.

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The excitement was shared by celebrities leading up to the documentary’s premiere. Jackson tweeted about it before showtime, writing, “Hope u guys ENJOY 2nite. Luv u so much.” Samuel L. Jackson, Ciara, Wanda Sykes, and Kelly Rowland all wrote about it, too, showing their support and respect for the musician.

Missy Elliott was yet another big name who tweeted about Janet Jackson, and the rapper made sure to highlight the impact the entire Jackson family has had on “our CULTURE and BEYOND!” It was a point that many fans echoed in various forms.

Janet getting “ALL of her flowers,” as one put it, was what many fans wanted. They were out in full force celebrating Jackson’s talent and legacy.

Other fans couldn’t get over how much footage Jackson’s ex-husband René Elizondo Jr. captured, and the topic became the source of a number of memes.

Meanwhile, the singer’s older sister Rebbie Jackson also proved to inspire memes. It was hearing her finally spill details about Janet’s love life that did it for fans. “Am I the only one that is getting their life from Rebbie’s confessional?” one viewer tweeted. “She knows all of Janet’s dating tea.”

Of course, the late King of Pop came up, too. Many fans marveled over Michael’s talent from a young age.

Needless to say, there were a lot of emotions.

And there was no way Justin Timberlake was going to get overlooked. Jackson’s infamous Super Bowl collaborator came up in numerous tweets as fans looked ahead to the final two parts of the documentary.

Janet Jackson continues with its second night on Saturday, Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.