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Joan Suggests A Dual Golden Bachelorette Season With This Castmate

She abruptly exited Gerry’s Golden Bachelor season, but her journey could continue.

Gerry and Joan on 'The Golden Bachelor.' Photo via ABC
ABC/John Fleenor

Joan Vassos left The Golden Bachelor in Week 3, but even that early on, her exit left a mark on Gerry Turner (and on viewers).

The Maryland-based school administrator never regretted cutting her journey short to support her daughter, who had recently given birth. But even so, Joan revealed during Women Tell All that she “held out hope” Gerry might one day show up at her door.

Given Gerry’s strong connection with the final two women, that doesn’t seem likely — but Joan may not be done with Bachelor Nation just yet. As she shared during the Nov. 9 special, Gerry helped her feel “visible” and open to love again after losing her husband.

So why not continue the journey on, say, The Golden Bachelorette?

A Rosy Future

To be clear, ABC hasn’t announced whether The Golden Bachelor experiment will continue with a woman lead — but two decades of Bachelor/ette precedent says it’s bound to happen.

Plus, the show’s creative team is happy to keep the roses coming. “We’re really interested to see how that will play out, but hope that we do get the opportunity and that we get the same genuine feeling of reasonable people who are looking for love,” co-showrunner Jason Ehrlich recently told TheWrap.

Disney/John Fleenor

Leading Lady Ladies

During a recent chat with Bustle, Joan said she’d be down for The Golden Bachelorette — with a twist. “I wouldn’t hate [having] more than one,” Joan says, specifically shouting out her bunkmate Sandra Mason as a potential co-lead à la Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

“I think that we would be good together,” Joan continues, noting that there’s “no animosity when something great happens to each other.”

One Condition...

Joan has one request for her (potential) return to the franchise: She’s not getting the top bunk this time around, she jokes.

“She volunteered to give me the lower bunk, and I was so grateful for that,” Sandra says. As you’ll remember from earlier in the season, Sandra wanted to avoid climbing because of her knee replacements.

ABC/John Fleenor

Of course, there’s the added perk of being closer to a bathroom. “I didn’t drink anything after 6 o’clock at night,” Joan says.

Presumably, the Golden Bachelorette(s) would be entitled to a spacious bedroom instead of the summer camp bunks Gerry’s women had to contend with. But either way, fans remain hopeful for another golden quest for love very soon.