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The Golden Bachelor’s Finale Airdate Might Surprise You

Gerry’s journey for love is not over yet.

Theresa, Leslie, Faith, and Gerry on 'The Golden Bachelor.' Photo via ABC
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After three successful hometown dates with Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin, and Theresa Nist, Gerry Turner ends the Nov. 2 episode of The Golden Bachelor in an emotional state: “dying inside,” he explains, because he dreads sending one of his strong connections home. “I know what I want to do. I just don’t want to do it.”

The teaser for next week promises to reveal who Gerry sends home. However, his Golden Bachelor journey is far from over. In fact, viewers will have to wait several more weeks to see the conclusion to the season’s emotional love story — er, stories.

That’s partly because the debut season of The Golden Bachelor will end up being one episode longer than planned. ABC executive Rob Mills previously told Variety the show would run for eight episodes“a really special eight weeks,” as he put it. However, by the time Gerry’s season wraps, viewers will have enjoyed nine episodes. (It seems that Mills probably wasn’t factoring in Women Tell All when he announced the initial episode count.)

Here’s everything to know about The Golden Bachelor finale date and what to expect from the show’s next few weeks (spoiler alert: there’s a hefty double length episode coming soon).

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A Golden Bachelor Break

The Golden Bachelor has been breaking franchise viewership records, so why would ABC want to skip a week and potentially take the wind out of its sails? Simple: a little holiday called Thanksgiving.

ABC just shared the new schedule, announcing that the Women Tell All and Fantasy Suites episodes will air on Nov. 9 and 16, respectively. Then, rather than airing an episode on Nov. 23, the series will air its finale after Thanksgiving, on Nov. 30.

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Making Up For Lost Time

Although it will be hard to wait an extra week to find out who Gerry chooses, ABC does seem to be making up for lost time in one key way: The Golden Bachelor finale will run for two hours, making it twice the length of this season’s other episodes.

Happily Ever After?

Can’t wait for Nov. 30 to find out how Gerry’s journey ends? Same! Fortunately, the Golden Bachelor himself has dropped a few hints about how things pan out — and they’re promising.

“I’m very happy about how the season went,” he recently shared on The View. “There was excitement, there was joy, there was great dates, a lot of adventure.” As for the finale specifically? Gerry hinted that if it didn’t end well, “I wouldn’t be sitting here with a big smile on my face.”

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Want something a little more specific? OK! Spoilers ahead.

Bachelor Nation’s resident leak provider, Reality Steve, has some intel. He previously reported that Faith is eliminated ahead of Fantasy Suites. However, as of Nov. 2, he hasn’t shared whether Theresa or Leslie gets Gerry’s final rose — only that both women meet with his family in Costa Rica during the finale.