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John Mulaney Revealed The First Time He Bonded With His Baby On SNL

"Life is a lot better and happier now."

John Mulaney's 'SNL' monologue included references to his new baby with Olivia Munn and sobriety.
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

During John Mulaney’s Saturday Night Live monologue on Feb. 26, the comedian made several references to his personally momentous (and headline-making) year — from his journey following rehab, to his new baby with partner Olivia Munn. “For many, many reasons, I’m grateful to be here tonight after a very complicated year. It is wonderful to be in a place that has always prioritized sobriety and mental health,” Mulaney said, a cheeky reference to Studio 8H’s not-so-drug-free history.

As Mulaney noted very casually, “different things have happened” since he last hosted the show in October 2020, starting with an intervention (half in-person dinner, half Zoom) that led to a two-month stay in rehab — “which was a very good experience,” Mulaney said. “I’m very grateful that I went.”

After recounting an awkward “breakup” with his drug dealer, Mulaney went on to discuss his growing family: Munn, whom he started dating after separating from Anna Marie Tendler, and son Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney, who was born Nov. 24, 2021. “Life is a lot better and happier now,” he said, leading into a sweet anecdote from when he, Munn, and their new baby were in the hospital together.

“Let me tell you the moment when I first bonded the hardest with Malcolm,” he said. “We were in the delivery room ... they put him on the warmer, under this big, bright light, and light is just shining in his eyes.” Malcolm didn’t cry — but he did frown and throw his arm up to shield himself from the light. “He was annoyed, but he didn’t say anything. And I was like, that’s my son. A polite man in an uncomfortable situation, but he’s not going to make a fuss.”

Malcolm’s favorite pacifier was recently recalled, which led to another bonding moment with his dad, Mulaney said. “We had like a dozen of them ... and I see this look in his eyes all the time of like, ‘Ah, I want to use those but I can’t cause they could kill me.’ Welcome to my world, homie.”

The youngest Mulaney even made an appearance later in the episode — well, sort of. In the final commercial bumper of the evening, the comedian and his son shared a sweet embrace in a black-and-white photo.

Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC

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