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Drag Racer Jordan V. Made A Play For Rachel's Heart On The Bachelorette

He goes fast for a living, but he’s ready to slow down for love.

by Kadin Burnett
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Jordan Vandergriff, contestant on 'The Bachelorette'
ABC/Ricky Middleswort

The race to capture Gabby Windey’s and Rachel Recchia’s hearts is on! The Bachelorette is back with yet another globetrotting romantic adventure with two charming leads instead of one. This season, audiences are in the capable hands of beloved contestants Gabby and Rachel, who managed to survive Clayton Echard’s finale. It’s a new direction for the reality dating show, as there’s never been a season with dual leads. As exciting as it is that the show is treating audiences to double the romance and drama, a season can only be as good as the contestants, which leads us to 27-year-old drag racer Jordan V.

Jordan’s Job

Before you get ahead of yourself, Jordan’s job doesn’t involve that kind of drag race. The Bachelorette contestant is a professional race car driver from Alpharetta, Georgia. He’s currently a driver for Bob Vandergriff Racing, a team owned by his uncle, a former Top Fuel driver. In case you’re wondering, Top Fuel is a drag racing style involving the world’s quickest accelerating cars, with competitors and vehicles reaching speeds upwards of 335 miles.

While looking for racing sponsorships, Jordan said in a 2021 interview with Competition Plus, “I have a personality. I can have a little bit of fun. And I'm younger. And what this sport needs is the younger generation; if somebody were to come on board with me, I'm the perfect guy to deliver that message for them.” Jordan definitely showed off his fun side, winning over Rachel and fans when he brought one of his dragsters to the Bachelor mansion.

Jordan’s Instagram

In his interview with Competition Plus, Jordan said he typically posts on Instagram a lot more when competing and training for races to attract sponsors. "If I was racing, I'd be posting a lot more," he explained. "I want my followers to be race-related and fans of racing itself, so that race-related sponsors will see those followers as an asset to them.”

Jordan’s feed is still teeming with photos of him in the racing world. Anyone looking to become a member of his 6,000-plus followers can feast their eyes on Jordan kitted out in full racing gear, posing for selfies post-exercise, and working on the track or cars. During the season premiere of The Bachelorette, Jordan used some of his racing schtick to his benefit and impressed Rachel with his race car by relating it to her pilot background. As intense as it looked at the cocktail party, it’s even more so when it’s about to rip down the track, as seen on his Instagram.

How Does Jordan Do On The Bachelorette?

Handsome men with a background in athletics tend to fare pretty well on the show, so that’s a step in the right direction. His bio states that while he does have a “need for speed,” he’s looking to find someone sincere with whom he can “settle and start a family.” He adds that he’s looking for someone to cross the “finish line” with, and maybe that’s Gabby or Rachel.

We don’t see all that much of Jordan in the trailer for the season. But the dramatics usually take center stage in promos, so maybe he’s one of the refreshingly drama-free personalities of the season. The trailer does off a glimpse of Jordan and Rachel in an anti-gravitational chamber. If you remember your Bachelor history, that type of date works out well for those involved — albeit temporarily.

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