Kendall & Kylie Jenner Recall Being Taunted By “Invasive” Paparazzi As Teenagers

“Shame on that f*cking loser. Where are you now, bro?”

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Recall Invasive Paparazzi Treatment As Teenagers

Kendall and Kylie Jenner might be the youngest members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, but they still received harsh treatment from the paparazzi. On the Season 3 finale of The Kardashians, the sisters opened up about the ways they were treated by paparazzi when they were just teenagers, reflecting on a time when a photographer allegedly took photos up Kylie’s dress.

While walking her (seven) dogs with Kendall and family friend Scott Disick, Kylie recalled the alleged incident. “I remember when I was 19, I was wearing this colorful dress,” she said. “And as I’m getting into the car, the pap stomachs on the ground, gets his camera up my skirt, and takes a picture. I’m literally so violated. I’m crying in the car. I’m stressed out the whole night, the whole next day, this photo of my vagina is going to come out.

“You can see my underwear a little bit and between my legs, and the caption was like, ‘Kylie with little dignity, with little respect for herself,’” she continued. “Like you didn’t just fully violate me.”

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Kylie went on to recall how some paparazzi allegedly used to follow her and Kendall when they were just 16 “trying to get a reaction out of us,” often calling them sexist slurs and invoking their sisters’ famous scandals. “Oh my god, they would say, ‘Are you a whore just like your sister?’” Kendall recalled. “We were 16 years old. ‘Hey, little sluts. Are you guys going to have a sex tape like your sister?’” Kylie added that they also asked, “When are you guys gonna get naked, you little sluts?”

In a confessional, Kylie remarked how she was surprised that she’s “still a happy, normal person” given “everything I’ve been through” in the public eye. “I think having, honestly, a good family that’s going through the same thing, you have such a great support system,” she said. Kendall agreed in her own confessional, remarking how they “grew into really decent people through all the weird sh*tty things that we’ve seen or experienced through our lives.”

However, Kendall has her sights set on something bigger: exposing the paparazzo who allegedly taunted them. “I’m a virgin at the time, it couldn’t be the more opposite to who I am as a person,” she said. “I don’t know, shame on that f*cking loser. Where are you now, bro? Seriously, I actually want to know your name. This was a long time ago, 11 years ago. If you find the photos, let me know. We can track down the photographer, ‘cause he sucks.”