Why Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Are Still Waiting To Share Their Son’s New Name

Wolf is decidedly off the table, but it’s complicated.

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Shortly after Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed their son in early February, the couple revealed they’d named him Wolf. The moniker didn’t stick, though: Within weeks, they decided Wolf didn’t suit him, but never revealed what — or even if — they’d decided on as an alternative. Now, seven months later, their boy does have an unofficial new name, but the Kylie Cosmetic founder’s well-plumped lips are sealed.

“We haven’t officially legally changed the name,” Kylie explained on The Late Late Show with James Corden’s Sept. 8 episode, alongside mom Kris Jenner. “His name is still Wolf. His passport’s Wolf, but that isn’t going to be his name. We’re just waiting.”

After she reiterated that she and the “Sicko Mode” rapper “don’t call him Wolf,” Corden asked what they do call him then. “We’re not ready to share yet,” she answered. The reason? “Travis likes to sometimes ... one day, he’ll be like, ‘Oooh, this name’s kind of cool,’ and change it again. So we’re just not officially probably going to change it until...” That’s when Kris interjected, joking that they’d decide when he’s 21 years old.

Corden advised Kylie, who also shares 4-year-old daughter Stormi with Scott, that, even if they don’t reveal the name publicly, they should at least “zone in on one,” and she assured him that they had. The late-night host even got a “huge exclusive” when Kylie offered the small teaser that her son’s new name is not anything animal-related.

Meanwhile, it’s also unclear if they’d changed their son’s middle name as well, though the chances of that are slim, given its special meaning. The couple settled on Jacques, in honor of the Grammy-nominated rapper’s real first name. Plus, Kylie only mentioned “Wolf” in her March 22 Instagram announcement in which she explained, “We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”

Even by the following month, they were still weighing their options. “Wolf was never on our list. ... There’s nothing against Wolf, it just wasn’t him,” Kylie told Entertainment Tonight in April, adding that it was just something sister Khloé Kardashian suggested. “We have some strong options, but we haven’t officially changed it. Before I officially changed it I want to make sure.”

In addition to keeping the name under wraps, the pair has also yet to share a photo of their now-7-month-old son. They have given some small teases, though. On Father’s Day 2022 in June, for example, Kylie shared a tribute to Scott, sharing an Instagram photo of him cuddling with their two children in bed while eating ramen noodles. Though Stormi was in plain view, Kylie covered their son’s face with a brown heart emoji. The same day, she also shared another adorable father-son photo, but only showed their matching Nike kicks.

Whether he goes by Wolf of any other name, their boy seems just as sweet.