Lady Gaga’s Birthday Update Teased Her “Best Music” & An “Important Year” For Fans

“This year will be an important and meaningful year for us.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 12: Lady Gaga attends Netflix's "Maestro" Los Angeles photo call ...
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Life is good for Lady Gaga, and she’s going to make it better for her fans, too. As Mother Monster celebrated her 38th birthday on March 28, she shared a message on Instagram that confirmed that she’s been thriving. Just as importantly, she hinted at what she has in the pipeline, complete with the promise that it will be “an important and meaningful year” for her and her fans.

Happier Than Ever

Gaga’s message let her followers know that she had a wonderful birthday and is grateful for her life in general. “Today has been so special—I can’t remember a time I was so happy on my bday,” she began. “I am in love with my best friend, my family and friends are loving and kind and healthy. I feel like my heart is bursting with gratitude for my own health and MUSIC.”

All seems to be well in her personal life, and that’s true of her professional life, too. In fact, Gaga continued her string of recent hints that new music is on the way. “I am writing some of my best music in as long as I can remember,” she said. On top of that, she noted that her movie Joker 2: Folie à Deux is coming soon.

Returning The Love

Gaga went on to highlight how much she appreciates the love she gets from fans. “Seeing messages from all over the world from little monsters—artists—publications that love my work it means so much to me,” Gaga added. “Thank you thank you thank you for loving me the way you do and for having such a real love for my songs—I’ve been writing … pop songs since I was a little girl I can’t believe I still get to do what I love.”

And it turns out Gaga has something — or maybe things — for her little monsters. “This year will be an important and meaningful year for us I know,” she wrote. “Music changes people lives im [sic] so honored I get to be a part of that in this life.”

Next Up For Gaga

It’s been almost four years since Lady Gaga released her sixth studio album, Chromatica, in May 2020. After that, she took some time that was “extremely healing and recharging for [her] heart, mind, body, and creativity,” as she put it in a June 2023 Instagram post. Fans quickly started speculating about her next album again, and her photos from the studio have added to the frenzy in recent months. So far, she’s given few details about what she’s working on, but her caption on a Feb. 14 post read, “No I’m not making a rock album,” and another showed her “writing lyrics in bed.”

At minimum, fans can rest easy knowing that Joker 2 hits theaters on Oct. 4, and Gaga’s music is expected to be featured on the soundtrack. But given what she wrote in her birthday message, this year could bring even more of what little monsters want.