What Is Lady Gaga’s Net Worth? The Grammy Mainstay Is “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”

Aside from making money from music, movies, and makeup, she earns $1 million per night in Vegas.

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Twelve-time Grammy winner Lady Gaga, who is vying to win six more at the 2022 Grammys, has gone by many names in her time as a superstar. You’ve known her as Mother Monster, Stefani, Joanne, and in some of her more famous acting roles, Ally Maine in A Star Is Born, The Countess in American Horror Story, and Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci. The recent Oscar presenter, who went viral for her kind words when helping legend Liza Minnelli announce the Best Picture nominees and winner at the 2022 Oscars, is many things, including very rich.

For more than a decade, the “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” star has been one of the most powerful, popular, talented, and creative singers, dancers, producers, writers, and actors in the world. At just 36, Lady Gaga is already halfway to her EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony), as she has collected 12 Grammys (out of 34 nominations, including her six nods for the 2022 ceremony) and an Oscar for Best Original Song (“Shallow” from A Star Is Born).

With all this acclaim, how much is Lady Gaga worth in 2022? And how exactly did she make all her millions? Let’s dive into her money-making career.

7 Ways Lady Gaga Earns Her Millions

1. Music

Since first topping the charts with “Just Dance” in 2008, Gaga has parlayed her fame into acting and businesses, but music is where it all began, and it remains important to her as an artist and a top earner. Throughout her tenure as a hitmaker, Gaga has scored five No. 1s and 17 top 10 hits on the Hot 100 in the U.S., including “Just Dance” with Colby O’Donis, “Poker Face,” “Born This Way,” “Shallow” with Bradley Cooper, and most recently, “Rain on Me” with Ariana Grande. On the Billboard 200 albums chart, the vocalist has reached the summit with half a dozen projects.

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has certified that Gaga has moved 80.5 million singles in the U.S. alone, with two of those tunes, “Poker Face” and “Just Dance,” both earning coveted and rare diamond certifications for shifting at least 10 million copies apiece. Albums-wise, Gaga has moved 17 million equivalent units in America. Globally, it’s estimated the pop star has now shipped 24 million albums and perhaps as many as 100 million singles.

2. Touring

Gaga has been called “the best live performer in pop” by critics, and she has no trouble packing a venue. All of her six headline tours have been commercially successful. Throughout the past decade, Gaga has performed hundreds of shows for millions of fans. It’s estimated that her tours have now raked in more than $600 million in ticket sales, and in 2019, Billboard revealed she had become just the fifth woman in history to pass half a billion in ticket grosses.

Gaga also set up shop in Las Vegas for two different residencies, flipping the concept on its head. Her followers had a chance to head Sin City to buy a ticket to either Enigma, which was theatrical and focused on the electronic side of her career, or they opted for Jazz & Piano, which sees her performing classics from the Great American Songbook and versions of her hits that sound jazzier. The run of concerts began in late December 2018, and since then she’s headlined dozens of shows. Thus far, her residency has brought in tens of millions of dollars, and that sum will surely climb, as she has more shows scheduled for spring 2022.

In Vegas, Gaga apparently earns $1 million per night, according to Variety, and when she initially signed the residency deal with MGM, it could have been worth as much as $100 million to her.

In the summer of 2022, Gaga is headed back out on the road for her Chromatica Ball tour.

3. Endorsements

Early in her career, Gaga’s brand alignments were largely connected to music. Like a number of superstars did back in the aughts, the singer signed on to promote Beats Headphones. In 2009, she debuted her own line within that brand, Heartbeats by Lady Gaga. Not long after she moved on from headphones, Gaga secured a new role with Polaroid as the company’s creative director.

Oreo released a line of Chromatica-themed cookies. She also starred in a video production for Dom Perignon, one which featured tracks from Chromatica.

Gaga has been known as a fashion icon, so it makes sense she’d sign on to model for some of the most prestigious labels in the world. The “Stupid Love” performer has vogued and/or starred in fashion films for well-known names like Versace, Tom Ford and Valentino.

4. Fragrance

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In 2012, Gaga and fragrance conglomerate Coty partnered to produce Fame, which was billed as the first scent that appears black but sprays clear. The launch was a major media event, and it didn’t take very long for the perfume to become an incredible sales success. Fame reportedly sold 6 million bottles in its first week, and 30 million by 2013. The new line may have racked in a sales total of more than $1 billion, according to some sources. They teamed up again for the simply-titled Eau de Gaga. Sales figures aren’t available for the second in her line of fragrances.

5. Businesses

Gaga has only created one consumer-facing business. Haus Laboratories introduced her line of vegan cosmetics to the world via Amazon in 2019. Dozens of products, ranging from eye shadow palettes to eyeliner to lipstick are available, while quite a few items are sold out. Again, exact sales numbers aren’t publicly available, but WWD named Haus Laboratories the third-bestselling celebrity makeup brand of 2020, coming in behind only Kylie Jenner and Rihanna’s lines.

6. TV & Film

Gaga hasn’t been shy about admitting that she had always dreamed of being on the screen. In fact, during an interview with Billboard in 2022, she said, “I always wanted to be an actor. Much more than I wanted to be a singer.”

Her first major role came via Ryan Murphy, who cast her in American Horror Story: Hotel. Her performance was met with applause from fans and critics, and she took home a Golden Globe for her work. She went on to star in the next AHS series, and she has fronted a number of televised concert specials, both on her own and with duet partner Tony Bennett.

Looking at the big screen, Gaga secured top billing first in Machete Kills, but what is often considered her “breakout role” in movies was A Star Is Born. She teamed up with director Bradley Cooper, and she starred opposite him, also co-writing and co-composing all the songs featured on the soundtrack. The film was a success, the music performed spectacularly well, and she quickly began collecting prizes. Gaga was nominated for two Academy Awards in the same year, vying for both Best Actress and Best Original Song for “Shallow,” and she claimed the latter trophy.

In 2021, Gaga portrayed real-life convicted criminal Patrizia Reggiani in the semi-biographical film House of Gucci. The Ridley Scott picture marked Gaga’s first role since winning her Oscar. She was touted by many as a likely Best Actress Oscar nominee for her work in the film, but instead she ended up as what many called the biggest snub in for the 2022 Oscars.

7. Real Estate

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Gaga primarily resides in Malibu on a six-acre lot right across from the ocean, which set her back $22.5 million in 2014. She’s been there for years, and in the meantime, she snapped up and sold another California home, this time in Los Angeles proper. In 2016, the superstar purchased a property that once belonged to musician Frank Zappa for $5.3 million, according to Architectural Digest. She then turned around and sold it to Mick Jagger’s daughter Lizzy Jagger for $6.5 million in 2021, perhaps earning more than $1 million in the process.

What Is Lady Gaga’s Net Worth?

Between $150 MILLION and $320 MILLION

Forbes estimated in 2020 that Gaga was worth $150 million. That’s less than half what Celebrity Net Worth claims, which suggests her total net worth could be as high as $320 million. Forbes ranked the singer at No. 87 on its list of the highest-earning celebrities of 2020.