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Golden Bachelor Fans Might’ve Spotted Leslie’s $60K Dress In A Promo

Look closely...

Leslie on 'The Golden Bachelor' finale mentioned buying a $60,000 dress. Photo via Disney/John Fleen...
Disney/John Fleenor

During The Golden Bachelor finale, Gerry Turner proposed to Theresa Nist — but not before sending Leslie Fhima home in one of the franchise’s most devastating conversations yet. After Leslie noted that he was acting “off” during their finale date, Gerry said it was because he’d chosen to be with Theresa instead.

“I poured my heart out — fell in love with you, fell in love with your family today,” Leslie told Gerry in tears. “The only good thing is now I don’t have to walk down in that $60,000 dress, with the diamond earrings, and get on that platform, and be completely embarrassed.”

Later, during After the Final Rose, Leslie told Gerry she left their Fantasy Suite with a sense of “100% certainty” about their future together. “I wasn’t jealous, I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t envious, I was ecstatic,” she said. “Because I knew you had to go through the process. But I went and picked out the most beautiful blue dress — the color of our eyes. I wrote our vows. It was the happiest day of my life, except for the day I thought was coming.”

Commotion For The Dress

It seemed that Leslie was referring to the dress she bought for her (would-be) proposal, and several fans lamented that they didn’t get to see the very expensive gown. Others had questions about the price tag because $60,000 is a lot of money.

Disney/John Fleenor

“I think she was just throwing a number out there in anger,” posited one viewer.

Was her oddly specific exaggeration akin to saying you spent $1 million at Ulta on a Tuesday afternoon but actually spent, like, $63.20? Was it a miscommunication about currency conversion (60,000 Costa Rican Colón is around $113 U.S.)? Or did Leslie just find (and buy) a dress worth nearly the national average wage index?

Either way, Leslie’s comments made fans very curious. Some even said she should have worn the dress to After the Final Rose, akin to Princess Diana’s infamous “revenge dress” moment. But what if we actually saw the splashy blue dress and didn’t realize it?

Wait A Second...

Earlier in November, X (formerly Twitter) user @TrashTVreacts called out a Golden Bachelor promo that showed Theresa in a white dress and Leslie in a blue one. “Such a giveaway,” they wrote, correctly predicting Gerry’s final rose recipient.

During the Nov. 30 finale, @KristenGBaldwin recalled the same teaser. “Wait, so the finale promo showed Leslie in a blue dress... presumably the one she [was] going to wear on proposal day? So... they just had her put it on and walk around pensively sometime before proposal day?”


If that’s indeed what happened, then Leslie’s Golden Bachelor outcome just got even more heartbreaking. Packing for The Bachelor can get very expensive, but to buy a lavish dress and only get to show it off in B-roll? That’s tough.

Many fans are rallying for Leslie to become the first Golden Bachelorette, so maybe she could wear the dress on her own journey and make happier memories in it.