Love Island

Love Island Viewers Are Very Confused By Summer Botwe’s “American” Accent

Perhaps she’s after some California love in the sun?

'Love Island' 2022:  Summer Botwe

Despite sharing the same name as Rachel Bilson’s Summer Roberts in the quintessential Californian series The O.C., Love Islands Summer Botwe actually hails from Herefordshire, England. However, the 22-year-old often sounds American when talking with her fellow islanders. When Botwe was picked for a date with returned bombshell Adam Collard, she replied with a chirpy and very American-sounding: “Alrighty, I’ma go with it!” Needless to say, fans have been quick to pick up on the accent debacle.

What’s with Summer’s American accent” one confused viewer tweeted. Another remarked: “Summer and this American accent, again,” alongside a meme of a sighing Tommy Shelby from BBC drama Peaky Blinders. And it seems that Botwe has now involved her love interest and co-star Josh Samuel Le Grove in the accent game. The duo enjoyed some time alone together earlier this week, and both of them appeared to adopt an American twang when speaking. So much so, that narrator Iain Sterling remarked: “Josh and Summer are enjoying being on Love Island so much, they’re auditioning for the American version.” Joining the conversation, one fan tweeted: “Summer and Josh doing an American accent is the cringiest thing I’ve seen all day.”

Meanwhile, other viewers believe that Botwe’s American accent is somewhat of a defence mechanism on account of her seemingly feeling apprehensive in the villa. One Twitter user has coined it “Summer’s nervous American accent.” And frankly, who can blame Botwe? She was unceremoniously dumped by Dami Hope after he changed his mind and decided to re-couple with Indiyah Polack, so it’s only natural she may be feeling the nerves. Perhaps if she spends more time in the villa, she’ll relax a little more. Or will her newfound accent bring some California love? We’ll have to wait and see.