Fans Weren’t Ready For Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar’s “America Has A Problem” Remix

“Casually dropping a remix with Kendrick Lamar is so Beyoncé of her.”

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No one does a surprise drop like Beyoncé, and she proved that again on Friday, May 19. The 32-time Grammy winner debuted her “America Has a Problem” remix featuring Kendrick Lamar with little more than an Instagram story, cover art and a link to her website. The true fanfare only came after, as the Beyhive reacted to the release on Twitter.

In the “America Has a Problem” remix, Lamar has a new verse that kicks off the track. The “Silent Hill” rapper collaborating with Beyoncé isn’t shocking in itself. Counting “America Has a Problem,” the two artists have now teamed up on three tracks. They released the Grammy-nominated Lemonade track “Freedom” in 2016, and then followed it up in 2019 with “Nile” from the soundtrack The Lion King: The Gift. Still, fans weren’t expecting any Beyoncé release, let alone one featuring Lamar, on the evening it dropped.

“Why didn’t yall [sic] tell me Beyoncé released a remix with Kendrick Lamar !!?? Queen B and the Goat !?” one stunned fan tweeted, in part, just hours after the track debuted. Another noted that the remix came “OUTTA NOWHERE,” while others echoed that they had absolutely no idea that it was coming. Bey stans relished the unexpected development, with one writing, “She really gives.”

Lamar’s new lyrics touch on a variety of topics, from artificial intelligence to his horoscope and mental health. However, the moment Beyoncé fans seem to appreciate the most is when he raps about his admiration for the Renaissance singer: “I’m an honorary Beyhive, let’s see why them diamonds don’t be fly.” Reacting to the line, a fan wrote, “Kendrick Lamar is so real for that.”

The love seems to go both ways, as some fans pointed out. They joked about Lamar being Beyonce’s “work husband” and celebrated that they’re “always making hits” together.

Numerous listeners were all for the combination of Beyoncé and Lamar and made sure the Twitterverse knew they were rejoicing.

But not everyone was happy. Many members of the Beyhive were disappointed that their queen turned to Lamar again and let it be known. “Now queen Beyoncé, we were doing so well. Why you adding Kendrick Lamar to ANYTHING ?” one asked.

Listen to “America Has a Problem” below.

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