10 Moments That Blew Up The Group Chat In 2023

If you didn’t text your besties about it, did it even happen?

by Marina Watts and Bustle Editors
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2023 was packed with plenty of surprising moments that took over conversations. In TV and movies, the Succession finale shocked fans with its big twist of an ending, and Barbie’s powerful monologue earned applause everywhere.

But if you widen the scope to all of Hollywood, it’s been a year. Couples that were fixtures in Hollywood broke up, while pairings we didn’t see coming hard launched. Many beloved celebrities passed away unexpectedly. Scandals erupted, and they got everyone buzzing. Let’s face it — even your dad knew about Scandoval against his will.

Here are 10 moments that absolutely blew up our group chats this year and continue to live in our minds rent-free.

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance

Rihanna in 2023.Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone was too afraid to comment on her baby bump, so we all just said, “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” And then, of course, we all freaked out when she eventually confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. — Jillian Giandurco

Celebrity Breakup Season

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny in 2023.Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

In 2023, the most unexpected celebrities got together, like Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny, and our most beloved couples broke up, like Jenner and Bad Bunny. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn set the tone by splitting after six years, before two famous Arianas — Grande and Madix — went through some of the most jaw-dropping separations this year, which unfolded like true-crime scandals. And if you needed more proof that love is dead, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello filed for divorce, and Hugh Jackman ended his marriage after 27 years. Every year is full of heartbreak, but 2023’s unhappy endings just hit different. — Jake Viswanath


Raquel Leviss, Tom Sandoval, and Ariana MadixBravo/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Scandoval was more than just a pop culture moment; it was a collective months-long obsession. From the time the news broke in March until the three-part Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion wrapped in June — and beyond — it took over conversation. Whether it was armchair sleuthing for episodic clues (the lightning bolt necklaces!) or sharing hot takes about the off-camera drama playing out in real-time (Raquel/Rachel filed a restraining order against Scheana!), the whole group chat was fully tuned in, and rallying behind Ariana by the time James hilariously called Sandoval a “worm with a mustache.” — Brad Witter

Weirdest Met Gala Looks

Doja Cat in 2023.Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amongst me and my closest friends, the Met Gala is basically akin to the Super Bowl, with our group chat flooded with our favorite looks of the night. And this year? The feverish onslaught of texts and voice messages were coming in for slightly more, shall I say, unique looks than what we’ve seen in Met Galas of the past. Is Jared Leto wearing a literal cat suit? Doja Cat with her way-too-realistic feline prosthetics? Rihanna’s faux lashes *on* her sunglasses? Hollywood is so camp, but I can't say that my girls and I don’t absolutely live for it. — Olivia Rose Rushing

Succession’s Final Season

Jeremy StrongHBO

The whole of Succession’s final season had my phone constantly blowing up like clockwork every Sunday at 9 p.m. Memes were sent, and “OMFG IT’S HAPPENING” was texted constantly. Season 4 did an excellent job of keeping the proverbial water cooler occupied. It truly had everything, from ludicrously capacious bags and PTSD to the 2016 election. I miss the opening theme song... and babygirl Kendall Roy. — Marina Watts

America Ferrera’s Barbie Monologue

Margot Robbie, Alexandra Shipp, Michael Cera, Ariana Greenblatt, and America FerreraWarner Bros. Pictures

Barbie marked the first time I watched a movie in theaters solo, but when America Ferrera’s monologue came on, my seatmates and I connected. As expected, the scene blew up my group chat with my friends waxing poetic about how it was relatable, healing, powerful, and a little bit tragic all at the same time. Give America her Oscar. — Alyssa Lapid

Timothee Chalamet & Kylie Jenner Dating

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet in 2023.Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

When pop culture news not only blows up among your friends but gets family group chat going, you know it’s a MOMENT. For my family and friends, it was when Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet hard-launched their relationship at the Beyoncé concert in September. My buddies and I didn’t balk so much at the coupling itself but had fun imagining what Chalamet and Kendall Jenner’s (now ex) boyfriend, Bad Bunny, would talk about. Meanwhile, like everyone else, my dad couldn’t get over how the star of his favorite movie (Dune) ended up with a Kardashian, only to joke that Kris Jenner must be behind this. — Gabrielle Bondi

Matthew Perry’s Death

Matthew Perry in 2016.David M. Benett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

My family group chat usually consists of my dad sending random, spam-like Facebook posts, and the rest of us ignoring him. But when Matthew Perry passed, we all replied. Perry was one of the few celebrities where the gravity of his loss was felt by all generations of our family, with each of us remembering our own thing we love and miss about Chandandler Bong. — Jake Viswanath

Hairless Styles

Harry Styles in 2023.Dave Benett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

My group chat was in mourning when we found out Harry had abandoned his delicious waves for a super short buzz in November. He looks just as good with short hair, but the change was easily the biggest shock of the year. — Kelsey Stiegman

The Traylor Kiss

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in 2023.Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

As a new Midnights-era Swiftie, I’m surprised by the chokehold the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce romance has on me and my circle. The Kiss in Buenos Aires, paired with the “Karma” lyric change, utterly unleashed our Inner Delulu. It’s the love story, baby. — Alyssa Lapid