A Political Thriller Inspired By The Munich Massacre Is Coming Soon

Munich Games will coincide with the tragedy’s 50th anniversary.

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Sky Original series 'Munich Massacre'.

There’s just something about high stakes political dramas — episode two or twenty, you seem to find yourself unable to hit stop until the screen goes black the end credits begin rolling. And Sky Original has just commissioned one such series — titled Munich Games — that charts the story of two agents, one Israeli and the other German, who work together to (hopefully) prevent a terror attack. Set in the present day, 50 years after the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Olympics in Germany, the show is a fast paced multi-lingual thriller, assured to keep viewers the edge of their seats. So, whilst we patiently wait for it to hit our screens, here’s everything to know about Munich Games thus far.

Munich Games Plot

First, some context on the Munich Massacre from September 5, 1972. During the Olympics in Germany, Israeli athletes and coaches were held hostage by a Palestinian militant group called Black September. After 21 hours of panic, an attempted rescue at the Munich airfield backfired and 12 hostages were killed on the runway.

According to a Sky press statement, the Sky Original series will be a fictional account set to coincide with the 50th anniversary of this tragedy. In the six-part series, as a show of respect to the victims of the massacre, a friendly football match is arranged between the Israeli and German team. Amongst the security at the event is Mossad agent Oren Simon who intercepts a suspicious message on the dark web, days before the game. Simon is joined by German State Criminal Police Officer Maria Köhler, and together they try to stop another ill-fated attack.

Munich Games Cast

The thriller series stars a collection of well-known names. German actor Seyneb Saleh — best known for her role in Netflix film Mute — plays the role of Maria Köhler, while Arab-Israeli actor Yousef Sweid is cast as Oren Simon. Other series regulars include German actor Sebastian Rudolph (Dark) and Dov Glickman. While we are yet to learn more about these characters, the casting promises an action-packed thriller.

Munich Games Release Date

The series is set to premiere on Sky Atlantic and NOW early in September, but no specific date has been released as of yet. Written by Michal Aviram — the creator of Faudathe show is filmed in German, Hebrew, Arabic, and English with a multinational crew.

Also, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Munich Massacre on Sept. 5, Sky will air 1972 - Munich's Black September, a 90-minute documentary detailing the events of the tragedy.

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