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Harry Jowsey's Dating History Includes Perfect Match Alums

He recently had a “secret girlfriend.”

Harry Jowsey on Perfect Match. Photo via Netflix
Ana Blumenkron/Netflix

Netflix’s reality dating scene is only getting more chaotic. Fortunately, another season of Perfect Match is here to give singles a sunny place to work out their drama — and, maybe, find love.

If you missed Season 1, Perfect Match brings together alums from across the Netflix Reality Universe for a tropical getaway where they’ll forge connections over a series of competitions. (Think of it as the streamer’s answer to Bachelor in Paradise.)

The history between the contestants makes for all the more drama, and in Season 2, it’s clear that Harry Jowsey’s dating past precedes him. The Too Hot to Handle alum is introduced with the nickname, “Too Promiscuous to Handle,” and he makes no secret of his former flames.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” he admits in Episode 1, which dropped on June 7. “I didn’t watch the first season of Perfect Match because I had three ex-girlfriends on it.”

The show names Francesca Farago, Georgia Hassarati, and Chloe Veitch as Harry’s “Netfl-ex trifecta,” but it’s a little more complicated than that. Here’s a recap of Harry Jowsey’s exes and rumored connections because a working knowledge will probably come in handy as future episodes roll out.


Harry’s Netflix Connections

Harry and Chloe kissed on Too Hot to Handle Season 1, but didn’t form a lasting connection. Rather, they became “best friends,” Chloe told Bustle in 2020.

It was Harry and Francesca who pursued an on-and-off relationship after filming. However, after an attempted reconciliation in 2021, Harry told Us Weekly that the relationship was “very toxic on both sides.” Francesca, for her part, told Domenick Nati that Harry was “extremely disrespectful to [her] online.” In their respective interviews, Harry and Francesca both said they were ready to move on from each other for good.

Harry’s next Netflix connection was with Georgia, who competed on Too Hot to Handle Season 3 and won Perfect Match Season 1 alongside Dom Gabriel.

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In his Season 2 intro, Harry claims that Georgia cheated on Dom with him. And in a Netflix “Where Are They Now?” video in 2023, Dom said he was “blindsided” by Georgia going on Harry’s podcast in the summer of 2022. (The episode title states that the pair “fell in love.”)

However, Georgia told Nick Viall that there wasn’t any overlap between Harry and Dom. “When me and Harry pursued any kind of romantic relationship, I’d ended everything with Dom,” she said during her March 9 appearance. “And the relationship me and Dom had prior to me going on that podcast, it was gonna end. It was not in a good place.”

Harry and Georgia ended their relationship in the spring of 2023, with each sharing different accounts of the contentious split. Now, both Dom and Harry are competing on Perfect Match Season 2.


Rumors About Harry’s Dating Life

That so much of Harry’s dating drama has played out in the Netflix world makes it easy for viewers to keep up. But quite a lot has happened outside of the franchise, too.

In 2020, for example, he was spotted out and about with Larsa Pippen, who later told Hollywood Raw that they were “just friends.”

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And in early 2022, one rumor claimed Harry and Khloe Kardashian were in touch. However, Khloe wrote on Instagram that this was “ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE,” and Harry said on his podcast that while he did “wish” there was truth to the gossip, it was indeed “all fake.”

Most recently, Harry fielded rumors that he was dating his Dancing with the Stars partner, Rylee Arnold. However, both have clarified that they were just friends, and he revealed on his podcast he actually had a “secret girlfriend” when he was starting the show.

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However, Harry said it “fizzled out” due to the pressure of social media videos and reports about his rumored connection with Rylee.