Sam From The Circle Expressed Her Love For This Player After The Show

Here’s everything to know about the Brooklyn-based makeup artist.

Sam makes an impression as one of the new contestants on 'The Circle' Season 5. Here's everything to...

In her introduction to The Circle Season 5, Sam Carmona describes herself as “the spiciest thing ever” — and offscreen, too, her life has no trouble living up to that declaration. Between her work as a makeup artist, her assembly of unusual pets, and her candid personality (like labeling her love life as a “sh*t show”), Sam stands out among The Circle cast.

While this season is all about singles mingling, Sam teased to E! that love may not be in the cards for her on The Circle Season 5. “The options that I had were way too pretty for me,” she explained in a recent interview. “I like my men with dad bods and insecurities. Like, Marvin was gorgeous. I was like, ‘Oh no, you're too pretty for me. You have all of your teeth. No, I can’t do it.’”

However, there is one fellow contestant that Sam still seems to be fairly into — long after filming wrapped. While watching along with The Circle Season 5’s Dec. 28 premiere, Sam took to Twitter to share her love for Tom Houghton’s introduction to the show: “Can I just SAY I LOVE TOM’S intro video HE IS JUST SO ...” Sam was apparently rendered speechless, but she managed to make her feelings clear with a heart-filled gif.

While we wait to find out more about Sam’s journey on The Circle Season 5, here’s everything to know about her job, social media, and pet family.

Sam’s Job

As Sam shares in her bio on The Circle, she works as a freelance makeup artist. In addition to everyday makeup and more glam looks, too, she’s dabbled in special effects, like a bloody Halloween moment for what Sam describes, on Instagram, as “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Sam’s Pets

Sam is a “proud lizard momma” — confirmed by her accompanying profile photo, in which she poses with two bearded dragons. Their names are Drogo and Khaleesi, a nod to Game of Thrones.

Sadly, Khaleesi passed away in November 2021.

Sam’s TikTok (which boasts nearly 800,000 followers) also includes several videos with a cat, Pu$$ee, and a dog, Dream.

Sam’s Instagram

Sam’s Instagram, @bkshedevil, includes several pet parent moments, too — as well as makeup looks and glimpses of her shoe collection.

Where To Get Sam’s Sneaker Slippers On The Circle

Speaking of shoes, where can you get Sam’s sneaker slippers that feature so prominently in her apartment on The Circle? Sam confirms they are from Banned Goods. “They sent me a couple of them,” Sam tells Bustle. “And I live by them. I’m a huge sneaker head. I love them with all my heart and soul. I feel like I look like a cartoon character, but I would never trade them.”