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24 Years Ago, Miranda Had A Bad Comedy Club Run-In On Sex And The City

This vintage episode and Che’s terrible set on And Just Like That prove Miranda should avoid comedy clubs at all costs.

24 Years Ago, Miranda Had A Bad Comedy Club Run-In On 'Sex And The City'
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Che Diaz’s return to stand-up comedy on And Just Like That... Season 2 wasn’t the only time Miranda Hobbes has been humiliated at a comedy club. As pointed out in a viral Reddit post, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) had an equally awkward experience back in 1999 on Sex and the City, during the Season 2 episode “The Man, the Myth, the Viagra,” all but proving that she’s cursed when going to comedy clubs.

In the episode, Miranda goes out with architect Alan Miller to a comedy club, whose headliner isn’t delivering good comedy. After they decide to bail and Alan steps away to get the check, his cell phone rings, interrupting the show. The unnamed comedian is aggravated, asking Miranda, “Yo Red, you wanna answer that f*cking phone?” After explaining it wasn’t hers, Miranda answers anyway, and the comedian storms up to her and snatches the phone away, only to reveal to the entire audience that the caller was... Alan’s wife.

Naturally, Miranda storms out of the club, but not before calling Alan out in front of the audience for lying about being divorced. “I’m not really divorced, I’m really separated,” he said, leading her to respond, “No, we’re really separated. See, this is me, separating.” However, it wasn’t all bad, as after Carrie stands her up for dinner later that episode, who does Miranda meet at the bar? Steve Brady. The rest is history.

Miranda returned to comedy clubs many times while dating Che (Sara Ramirez). After breaking up, she showed up to Che’s first “comedy concert,” as she famously calls it, in months to prove she could support an ex — and it was a total disaster. During their set, Che completely tore apart their eight-month relationship, made jokes about Miranda’s sexuality and family, and questioned why they were even with her. Like on SATC, Miranda stormed out of the club, but on the verge of tears this time, leading to a street confrontation with Che (and Carrie still forcing her to go to a dinner party without disinviting Che, but that’s another story).

Clearly, Miranda Hobbes and comedy clubs go together like oil and vinegar, and it’s time she stops trying to find happiness out of it.