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Twitter Thinks Carrie Was A Bad Friend To Miranda On And Just Like That...

Why isn’t she supporting her friend of 30 years?

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

The Sex and the City pack are typically the best of friends to each other, but all of them have their slip-ups, even Carrie Bradshaw. Fans felt that Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wasn’t being a good friend to Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) in part one of the And Just Like That... Season 2 finale, after she didn’t stay loyal to her longtime friend when she was roasted by none other than Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez).

Miranda was told by both Carrie and her friend-roommate Nya (Karen Pittman) that she was the type to “throw away her exes,” which Nya aspired to be. Wanting to change this pattern, she accompanies a surprised Carrie to Che’s comedy set without telling her ex, which turns out to be an awful decision as the comedian roasts their relationship and Miranda for discovering her sexuality for an uncomfortable amount of time. “She was confused about everything, and I was confused about why I was f*cking her,” they crudely said.

Miranda rightfully left after a few “jokes.” Although Carrie gave her some concerned looks, she stayed behind. This turned out to be the wrong decision (again) as Che stopped their set once they saw Miranda leaving with a disappointed look, leading to a street confrontation. When she called Carrie the next morning to explain that she couldn’t face Che at her “Last Supper”, Carrie neither gave her a pass nor offered to disinvite Che out of respect for her. Instead, she reminded Miranda of her pattern with exes and basically said to suck it up. In her defense, she also told Miranda that “you are important to me.”

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Earlier in the episode, Carrie visited Miranda’s ex-husband Steve (David Eigenberg) at the construction site of his new Coney Island bar, prefacing how some fans think she’s keeping loyalties to her friend’s exes over her friend. However, given Miranda’s long history with Steve, it’s more understandable for Carrie to maintain a friendship with him, whereas Twitter is having a hard time forgiving her for not standing by Miranda after Che’s “jokes.”

Fans were already starting to question Carrie’s loyalty in the previous episode, asking why she was selling her beloved Upper East Side apartment to her downstairs neighbor Lysette when Miranda was being forced to shack up with Nya and share an inconveniently located bathroom. This stung even more when Carrie told Seema that she wanted to sell her place to a “single girl” because, well, Miranda’s definitely single now.

However, there were a few viewers who actually took Carrie’s side, arguing that it was a much-needed wake-up call for Miranda.

Whether Carrie’s actions come back to bite her in the finale has yet to be seen.