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A Sex And The City Season 1 Storyline Predicted And Just Like That

Well, kind of.

The cast of 'Sex and the City.'
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Despite airing more than 23 years apart, a Sex and the City Season 1 storyline appears to have predicted And Just Like That. As fans of the original series might recall, the 1998 episode “Three’s a Crowd” centers on Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda’s experiences with threesomes. During the episode, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is asked to participate in a threesome with a married couple in a bid to keep their relationship afloat, but Samantha ultimately declines.

Speaking in a voiceover, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) later jokes that “being a series regular is not in Samantha’s contract,” seemingly foreshadowing Cattrall’s future on the SATC revival And Just Like That — in which she was not cast as a series regular.

However, to the delight of longtime fans, it was announced in May 2023 that Cattrall will finally reprise the character of Samantha Jones by making a cameo in And Just Like That Season 2. The actor was initially not asked back for the SATC reboot after she declined a third Sex and the City movie, sparking a public falling out with her former cast mates.

As fans sit tight for Cattrall’s long-awaited comeback, co-star Parker has teased what viewers can expect from the Season 2 cameo. “It’s a really opportune moment in the story, [a] consequential event happening in Carrie’s life, that Samantha rings and they have this quick, lovely, sentimental, funny call,” Parker told Entertainment Weekly. “And it just feels normal and really nice, and I’m glad that we could manage it and work it out and get it sorted time-wise and schedule-wise.”

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Cattrall’s fallout with Parker reportedly began during the early 2000s, and as mentioned, tensions between the pair only intensified when the former withdrew from a third Sex and the City movie. During a 2023 interview with the Sunday Times, Cattrall revealed that she has now “moved on” from her falling out with Parker, Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes), and Kristin Davis (Charlotte York), despite not interacting with any of the cast while filming her And Just Like That cameo.