Sophia Bush’s Road To Marriage Was Straight Out Of A Romantic Movie

The One Tree Hill actor has opened up about her life-changing love match.

'One Tree Hill' actor Sophia Bush and her new husband, Grant Hughes
Getty Images/Leigh Vogel/Stringer

One of the lead stars of teen cult classic One Tree Hill, actor Sophia Bush recently got married at the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa. The ecstatic new bride took to Instagram with a gorgeous photo that showcased her off-shoulder, floral gown. Of her special day, Bush told Vogue: “I have truly never felt so much positivity at once, so much clarity.” Bush’s new husband, Grant Hughes, was equally happy about how the ceremony went. In a story worthy of a rom-com, it turns out that Bush and Hughes met many years ago, and established a firm friendship before things turned romantic.

Bush was introduced to Hughes, a businessman and real estate investor, during a trip to Nicaragua a decade ago. They became friends, but their feelings blossomed for one another during lockdown, when they started to share reading suggestions and philanthropic ideas. They began dating, and got engaged during summer 2021. “Grant booked us a sightseeing tour on a classic Riva boat and popped the question during golden hour,” Bush told Vogue of her Lake Como engagement. Admitting they had to share the announcement sooner rather than later, Bush added: “We shared the news publicly a few days later because we’d been spotted in Puglia by a group of very sweet Gen Z girls, and I watched them clock the ring on my finger.”

Following his wife’s lead, Hughes also took to Instagram to share his happiness after their wedding. “The experience of peak joy. And to say ‘I do’ in a community we love with our closest surrounding us and to CELEBRATE as we did,” he wrote. “It was perfection, incredible, overwhelmingly beautiful, the best, the most fun, maximum love, floating, powerful, doing cartwheels, ineffable. Words are failing me.”

Meanwhile, Bush recently took to Instagram to praise her partner on his pro-active stance against SCOTUS’ decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In a sweet Instagram post paying tribute to her partner’s supportive response, she wrote: “I’m very grateful to be marrying a man who believes in democracy, who supports a free press, and who — when the news dropped yesterday — turned to me to ask: “What can men be doing to best support women in these moments? What can I call on our community to do?”

She continued: “This is partnership. I love you, Grant Hughes. Grateful to have a partner in all things, and a partnership rooted in equity. Let’s cling to our joy, lean on our supporters, and go give ‘em hell. We won’t go back.”