TikTok Video Proves Taylor Swift Hides In A Janitor’s Cart To Enter Tour Venues

“Cleaning cart (Taylor’s Version).”

TikTok Video Proves Taylor Swift Hides In A Janitor's Cart To Enter Eras Tour Venues Plus Memes & Tw...
Future Publishing/Getty Images/TikTok

Taylor Swift opens the Eras Tour by dramatically emerging from her dancers’ extravagant butterfly wings to sing her 2019 Lover deep cut “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince” — but she actually makes her grand entrance into tour venues in a much more unusual way. A viral TikTok video has confirmed that Swift enters the Eras Tour stage at each venue in a fake janitor’s cart pushed by two crew members, making for perhaps her most bizarre hiding tactic yet.

Swifties theorized that Swift hid from the audience in the janitor’s cart after noticing that the mops and brooms on said cart, which just happened to come from the backstage area and get loaded onto the stage, looked fairly new and unused. At the April 1 show in Arlington, Texas — attended by this Bustle writer — fans sitting in side-view seats that had a clear view of the area behind the stage started screaming at the mere sight of the cleaning cart, assuming it contained Swift even without any concrete evidence at that time.

However, the following night gave Swifties all the proof they needed. A TikTok video posted by @shaydanazifpour before the April 2 show in Arlington shows Swift clearly getting out from the cart and quickly ascending a flight of stairs behind the stage, preparing to make her entrance.

Twitter users had the most hilarious reactions to finding out the cleaning cart theory was indeed true, inspiring a few memes as well.

Many Swifties even drew comparisons to when the singer was reportedly transported by two guards in a literal suitcase from her New York apartment to her car so she could avoid being photographed by paparazzi. While this former conspiracy theory was initially debunked, it was later confirmed by her “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” collaborator Zayn Malik, who was dating her close friend Gigi Hadid at the time.

When Swift doesn’t want to be seen, she won’t be.