A Viral Taylor Swift Fan Theory Hints At A Surprise Album Release

“This makes total sense.”

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Taylor Swift performing at the 'Eras Tour' in 2023.
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In recent years Taylor Swift has become known by her legion of fans as the undisputed queen of easter eggs, many of which inspire an endless stream of Swiftie fan theories on TikTok and beyond. Following a string of subtle hints regarding her 1989 album re-release, a new theory has piqued the interest of fans online that claims the Grammy winner might be ready to surprise drop another of her best-selling albums.

In a now-viral clip, TikTok user simpofthesapphics points out that Swifties have been “getting a lot of 1989 easter eggs from Taylor. Like almost too many” — including in the recently released “I Can See You” music video, during which fans spotted a 1989 T.V. sign as the singer’s getaway van drives away.

After noting that Swift will likely want each of her re-released albums to “have their own era” for many different reasons, including monetary, the TikToker goes on to suggest that she might also surprise drop her Reputation album re-release immediately after announcing that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is on the way.

“That way we would be in the Reputation era on the way to the 1989 era, which we know is coming,” the TikTok user explains, noting that the “I Can See You” music video appears to suggest that a Reputation re-release is coming next. “Because Reputation wasn’t part of the original plan and was unexpected, it would make sense for her to mirror that with her re-release,” they added.

Naturally, this latest theory ignited a huge response from Swifties on TikTok, with many declaring that a surprise Reputation drop “makes total sense.”

“This is the best theory I’ve heard about Rep coming before 1989,” one user commented, while another suggested that Reputation will “drop out of nowhere” because it “needs no explanation” — referencing the 2017 album’s prologue.

Other fans disagreed with the theory, however, sharing their view that Reputation will likely be re-released in 2024. “Logistically she only was able to start recording in November last year,” one fan noted, while another simply commented: “This is almost certainly not true.”

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