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Why Did Lea Go Home On The Bachelor? Here’s A Week 6 Recap

In an emotional episode, Joey strengthened some connections while seriously shrinking the group.

Who went home on The Bachelor? Here's Bustle's 'The Bachelor' recap about what happened in Week 6.
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Joey Graziadei started off the sixth week of his Bachelor season with a sobering confession. He shared that he was “really struggling” with the enormity of his decisions, and fearful that he’d end the season alone.

“I don’t feel perfect. I feel like there’s a lot of sh*t that’s wrong with me,” Joey told the camera. “You try to work through it, and it’s tough. But I’ve always been my biggest critic, and I’m afraid of someone not accepting me for me.”

That heaviness surfaced multiple times throughout the episode, in which the 10 remaining women explored Montreal, Canada.

So, how did it go? Spoilers ahead! While he was ultimately able to shake off some nerves, he wasn’t able to progress with several suitors. ICYMI, here’s why Jess Edwards, Lexi Young, Katelyn DeBacker, and Lea Cayanan went home on The Bachelor.

Not Everyone Was Game With The Group Date

Joey started the Feb. 19 episode with a group date, which seemed to lift his spirits — even if it came at the expense of some of the women’s. “I’m at the point where I can say, I might be falling in love with some of these women,” he said.

Suited up in Montreal, Canada.Disney/Jan Thijs

Joey and the women — save Kelsey Toussant and Maria Georgas, who got solo time — explored the city by foot, tested out their bad French, and cooked up some Canadian poutine together. Joey rated Jenn Tran’s version a measly 4/10 and actually gagged when he tried it, but it wasn’t bad enough to hurt their connection. “When she talks to me, it feels like we’re the only ones there,” he said in a confessional.

While Jenn would later get the group-date rose, most of the women left the activities feeling nervous and insecure. He spent the evening portion of the date assuaging several concerns.

In a conversation with Lexi, a potential problem emerged. She asked him about his relationship timeline, and while Joey envisioned several years before having children (being engaged for a couple years, followed by a few more after tying the know), Lexi said she wanted to grow a family sooner because of her endometriosis. She ended their conversation saying she needed to “process” his answer.

Meanwhile, Jess told Joey she was falling for him, but he didn’t reciprocate the feelings. “When you feel that, you should be able to picture it,” he said. “And I don’t know why, I just haven’t been able to get there.” Ultimately, he sent Jess home early.

Kelsey T.’s Adorable, Acrobatic One-On-One

For Joey and Kelsey T.’s date, they trained with Cirque du Soleil members. Joey told the camera that their connection was “potent,” and it appeared to get stronger throughout the series of trust falls and twisty aerial maneuvers.

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It was a super sweet one-on-one, and had both Joey and Kelsey laughing like little kids as they flew around the room. While all the movement made Joey sick, he recovered in time for a romantic dinner where he got to learn more about Kelsey.

She was looking ahead toward Hometowns, she told him, and expressed that her family situation was difficult. Despite being close to her dad growing up, her father stopped talking to her when she didn’t align with him religiously. “It messed with me so bad,” she told Joey, adding that it affected her ability to trust others. “If someone can be there for you in the beginning, and then just totally go away, it’s hard,” she said. “It’s like, how? How do you do that?”

Joey was moved by her story, explaining that it showed how “resilient” she is.

Maria’s Shopping Spree

Maria’s one-on-one date was the classic Bachelor shopping spree, starting with a limo ride and champagne. “We have fun, we laugh, we enjoy the day, we don’t take things so seriously,” Joey said of his connection with Maria. “We just... we just be when we’re together.”


In the limo, Maria asked Joey to say “Je t’aime,” or “I love you” in French — technically making it the season’s first love profession (even if Joey didn’t know it).

After Joey helped Maria pick out a sparkly dress that made her “feel like a princess,” they took a helicopter ride over the city and concluded their date with dinner. The outing helped Joey forget his concerns from earlier in the week, he shared in a confessional. “I can let go of the worries,” he said. “I know I’m gonna find my wife.”

Lexi, Katelyn, & Lea Said Goodbye

Throughout the episode, Lexi was struggling with her and Joey’s conflicting family timeline back at the hotel. Ultimately, she told him she needed to leave. “As someone who has infertility, I have to take that really seriously as I date, knowing I’m in my 30s now,” she told him, saying she needed it to happen at “a faster pace.”

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Joey understood, but revealed in a confessional that the exit made him “scared” other women might leave early, too. “It doesn’t feel good,” he said.

No one else exited early (for now), but two women were sent home during the rose ceremony: Katelyn and Lea.

Katelyn lamented not getting a chance to show Joey her “full personality,” a regret that Lea echoed in the car ride home. “I think it’s just unfortunate that I wasn’t, you know, given the full opportunity to have that time with Joey and see what Joey and Lea really looked like,” she said. “But that’s truly his loss.”

Onward to Jasper in Alberta, Canada!