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'After' / Netflix
'After' / Netflix

As the weather gets colder the prospect of Netflix and chill with your crush gets so much more appealing. But nothing kills the mood like scrolling endlessly through streaming services. While you’ll likely have your favourite dirty erotic films and sexy scenes bookmarked, sometimes you need the two-hour character development. And there are so many dirty films on Netflix UK which will leave you on the edge of your seat in sexual tension.

When Fifty Shades Of Grey was released on the big screen in 2015, it made sexy movies mainstream. Suddenly seeking out two hours of smut didn’t need to be a private activity. However, the sexiest films on Netflix UK don’t begin and end with Christian Grey (and thank the Lord for that.) From big Hollywood productions to independent films, a number of artists have turned their hand at telling stories that place sex and intimacy under the spotlight.

No matter the kind of sex you like to have or who you like to have it with, Netflix UK has a whole host of dirty, sexy films to explore. From a high-brow french affair to Justin Timberlake doing what he does best and looking fine in the process, here are some of the sexiest films on Netflix UK that you need to check out.


No matter how many times the formula is used, I will always be a sucker for a "girl meets bad boy" story and After is the perfect film to watch if you feel the same. Tessa (played by Josephine Langford) is a loyal girlfriend, dedicated student, and great daughter. In her first semester at college she meets bad boy Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) and everything that she holds to be important is turned upside down. She can’t work out exactly why she is attracted to him, but she can’t stay away. And when they are left alone together, the tension is electric.

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365 days

Next Film

Massimo Torricelli (played by Michele Morrone) is a boss in the Sicilian Mafia family and is destined to take over following the death of his father. Laura is a successful sales director but totally bored of her life. She takes a trip to Italy with her boyfriend to try and inject some excitement into their lives. However, she’s kidnapped by Massimo and given exactly 365 days to fall in love with him. It goes without saying that this film has some seriously problematic overtones and should be watched with a very large grain of salt.

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Duck Butter

The Orchard / Duplass Brothers / Netflix

Duck Butter gives literally nothing away with its title but the 2018 romance directed by Miguel Arteta will definitely get you hot under the collar. Naima (played by Alia Shawkat) and Sergio (Laia Costa) are completely done with their love lives. Bored of constant betrayal, dishonesty, and disappointment, they make a pact to stay together for 24 hours in a bid to create a new type of intimacy. The familiarity between the two main characters makes for slightly awkward but really impassioned sex scenes. You can sense how much they want to rip each others clothes off but don’t know where the boundaries are yet. While intense romance is at the centre of Duck Butter, it’s more than just a raunchy flick. It’ll have you laughing and feeling for the characters too.

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Successful businesswoman Zoe Reynard (played by Sharon Leal) has it all. She’s the envy of her friends, she’s got the picture perfect marriage, two children, and a career that’s going from strength to strength. However, nothing is quite as it seems. In Addicted Zoe decides to pursue darker desires which leads her to having an affair that will risk bringing her whole life crashing down.

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Lost City

If you’ve ever known the downsides of dating apps then Newness will hit a nerve. Martin (played by Nicholas Hoult) and Gabi (Laia Costa) spend their weekends looking for a quick love hit online. They’re turned on but super lonely. When they meet they realise they’ve got the connection they’ve been looking for. They make things official, move in together, and skip work just to be in the other's presence. However it soon gets old and they decide to give an open relationship a try. With tumultuous consequences. The sexy scenes in Newness are more steamy, ‘rip your clothes off’ than romantic and you can’t help but feel the sexual tension radiate through the screen

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Universal Pictures

This rundown wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of this 2015 erotic drama. Starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades of Grey reimagines E. L. James’ controversial 2011 novel of the same name, centering around a wealthy businessman and young, naive college student, whose relationship is born out of an exploration of sexual desires.

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About Last Night

Columbia Pictures

About Last Night stars Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, and Regina Hall. Two couples are basking in the honeymoon period of their relationships. Everything is fun and new and they have so much to discover about each other (especially between the sheets). However, they’re soon faced with the age old issue of whether they can take their attraction to the next level and survive as a couple. This film isn’t loaded with tonnes of sex scenes, but there are enough topless shots of Michael Ealy to get anyone feeling hot under the collar.

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Friends With Benefits


Dylan (played with Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (played by Mila Kunis) are both incredibly busy and successful. Spending every possible minute of the day working, with friends, or keeping up with their family, they have no time for romance. Friends With Benefits tells the story of what happens when they try to keep things casual by just sleeping with each other, no strings attched.

Instead of solving their problems, they soon realise throwing sex into their relationship opens a can of worms and once you’ve been there you can’t go back.

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The Incredible Jessica James


The Incredible Jessica James is about holding it together when it feels like everything is falling apart, getting that dream job, and going out on the rebound. Jessica (played by Jessica Williams) has had her heart broken and no one will pick up her plays. When she goes out on the rebound to get over a relationship she meets someone entirely unexpected. Another one that isn’t full of sex scenes but the build up is super sexy and the intimate moments we do see are tender and feel very real.

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My Days of Mercy


Starring Ellen Page and Kate Mara, My Days of Mercy is a rom-com with a twist. Lucy is a death penalty protestor, fighting for her beliefs but also the freedom of her father who sits on death row. She meets Mercy at a protest, a lawyer who’s father is a police officer and is a firm believer in the death penalty. While their political disagreements run deep, they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Their spark is instant and aside from arguing about their beliefs and their families they start a super passionate relationships.

However, as Lucy’s dad's execution date looms, things become tense between the pair and when she visits Mercy’s home and a massive secret is revealed, their entire relationship is called into question.

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Young couple Carlos and Laura (Pol Monen and María Pedraza) become lost in the intensity of first love in this 2017 Spanish romantic drama. However, the pair’s rose-tinted view of romance is gradually broken down as the realities of life begin to infiltrate their honeymoon period. Amar outlines what happens when Laura sets her sights on motherhood and the couple’s early passion becomes nothing but a memory.

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All The Bright Places


For those who need their sex to come with a side of romance, All The Bright Things has a central couple you can’t help but root for. Theodore and Violet are two teenagers from opposite ends of the high school pecking order, but they have one thing in common: they’re desperate to escape from their small Indiana town. The sexual tension in this film is palpable throughout, but the plot will have you hooked too.

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Everything But A Man


If you want to laugh but also feel things then you need to check out Everything But A Man, directed by Nnegest Likké. Vannessa (played by Monica Calhoun) has it all. She’s got the career that she worked hard for, a gorgeous house and car, and friends who adore her. However, her loved ones can’t help but remind her that she’s yet to meet that special someone. That is until she meets Max (played by Jimmy Jean-Louis.) Between his mesmerising smile, french accent, and bravado, Vanessa can’t get enough of him. But is he worth changing the future that she’d mapped out for?

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Set It Up


Set It Up stars the sexy magical man of the moment, Pete Davidson so do I really need to give you anymore reasons to watch it? If that doesn’t have you entirely convinced then the comedic storyline, hot scenes, and will they/ won’t they plot will.

Harper (played by Zoey Deutch) is a PA to the the formidaible editor Kirsten (played by Lucy Liu.) In the same building, Charlie (played by Glen Powell) is trying to work out how to get his boss Rick (played by Taye Diggs) to respect him. The pair find themselves in a catch 22 when their bosses start dating.

And as they’re forced to intertwine two very busy schedules, Harper and Charlie end up becoming a little bit closer than professional contacts.

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A Perfect Ending

Frameline 36

Rebecca Westridge (played by Barbara Niven) is hiding a painful secret. She’s desperately unhappy in her marriage and she’s never had an orgasm. After building up the courage to reveal this to her best friend she realises she might be able to resolve this herself. And A Perfect Ending highlights just how she takes control.

In a bid to learn more about her sexuality and the kinds of sex she might be into she enlists the help of escort and exceptional listener, Paris. During their time together Rebecca learns more about her desires and the validity of her sexuality than she has during her years-long marriage and it’s not hard to see why.

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No Strings Attached


You may have drawn links between how coincidental it is that real-life married couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have starred in separate steamy movies with essentially the same premise that sex can get complicated when feelings creep in.

In No Strings Attached Natalie Portman stars opposite Kutcher as Emma. After being best friends with Adam (played by Kutcher) for their entire lives they decide to take their relationship to a whole new level and explore what it’d be like to sleep together. As they’re already so close it feels like a logical step. However, as jealousy, love, and expectations creep in they forget why they created any rules in the first place.

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Vertical Entertainment

Victoria Justice and Matthew Daddario star in Trust as Brooke and Owen. After going through the motions in their first few years of marriage the couple are feeling the strain of a busy work life.

However, when Brooke signs a new artist to her gallery her eye starts to wonder. It doesn’t help that he’s painfully good-looking and extremely talented. A work trip takes her to Paris with him. As Owen is left at home he hits a bar. He meets a journalist who takes an interest in his situation and starts to alleviate some of his worries. However, his relationship with Brooke starts to slowly crumble.

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