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Tyler Cameron Says Matt Is "Extremely Happy" With His Bachelor Outcome

"He seems like he's in a great place and that's all that matters."

Tyler Cameron says Matt James is "extremely happy" with how his 'Bachelor' season ended
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It looks like Matt James may have made good on his promise to bring a "plus one" the next time he hangs out with his best friend. During a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tyler Cameron said Matt is "extremely happy" with how his Bachelor season ended, though he refused to reveal whether or not the real estate agent is currently engaged. "Matt is very happy. Matt's extremely happy," the former Bachelorette contestant said, revealing that they had recently hung out and talked about the reality show.

"I was just with him this weekend and we talked about stuff," Tyler continued. "He seems like he's in a great place and that's all that matters. As long as he's happy, I'm happy." However, he added that Matt's newfound happiness is not just due to a potential new romance — it's also because being the Bachelor changed his outlook on relationships.

"I think The Bachelor pushes yourself more than you normally would push yourself in a relationship," Tyler said of falling in love on the show. "I think you skip a lot of the BS steps in dating and get right to it. So I think as long as you're willing to put yourself out there and be vulnerable and give it a shot, I think that [love is] a possibility."

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The entire process has been particularly helpful for Matt, who admitted early on in the Bachelor process that he hadn't been in love before his time on the show. "Matt is a very self-motivated, hungry person and I think his whole, this last 10 years knowing him, he's been trying to put himself in a better position," Tyler said, when asked why his best friend hasn't found "the one" before now. "I think his big goal, we always talk about, is to have a family, have a wife and kids. But I think he wants to be able to prepare himself to take care of that family. … I think now, he's in that spot. He's in a good place and he can actually go for it and do it now."

And while he didn't spill any details about who — if anyone — wins Matt's heart on the show, Tyler knows exactly the kind of woman he wants to see his best friend end up with. "Matt, he's got a huge heart and Matt loves to serve others," the ABC Food Tours co-founder said of his best friend's ideal woman. "And she's gotta be ready to help and serve others with him."

He continued, "I think someone who is ready to pick up and go and travel and on the move, because Matt is always moving, always going somewhere, always experiencing and living life to the fullest. So he needs someone like that, but he also needs someone who can sit down and have real conversations with and bounce things off of. I think he'll find that [on The Bachelor]. I hope he finds that."

This is not the first time that Tyler has teased that Matt's story has a happy ending. In a vlog posted in early January, the Bachelorette runner-up revealed that "Matt seems genuinely happy, and you know, I think we're going to get the end that we all want and have been missing for a little while." And if Matt and his final choice do, indeed, make it down the aisle at the end of the season, fans can expect Tyler to be standing right next to him, cheering them on.