Victoria Beckham’s Son Romeo Called Out Her Risqué IG Caption

The fashion designer talked about husband David Beckham’s “worm” in a hilarious post.

Victoria and David Beckham's hilarious Instagram video has an accidentally NSFW caption that son Rom...
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It’s been 25 years since Victoria and David Beckham fell in “love at first sight” at a Manchester United game, as she once recalled to Vogue UKand today, the couple is no less obsessed with each other. Much to their kids’ embarrassment, it seems. While apparently still on their European yacht vacation, the couple shared a hilarious moment where David showed off his dance moves, wearing a pair of sweatpants while rolling around in the grass. TBH, it’s impressive! So much so that Victoria had to hop on Instagram and share the moment with her followers.

“After 25 years @davidbeckham showed me his worm,” the fashion designer wrote. And yes, fair, that is the dance David was doing — but as the couple’s 19-year-old son, Romeo Beckham, pointed out, the Spice Girls icon’s wording could have been a little less risqué.

“Hahahahaahaha mum u gotta change that caption,” Romeo commented on the July 22 video, subtly pointing out the fact that “worm,” well, could connote something else entirely. He wasn’t even on this leg of the vacation, as Metro pointed out — on July 23, he posted an Instagram story showing he’d arrived in New York for an Inter Miami II match — so it looks like this dose of parental embarrassment was powerful enough to cross international waters.

As it turns out, this is hardly the first time the posh power couple has had some cheeky fun at their kids’ expense (as is a parent’s duty). In October, David apologized after bringing his two youngest kids, Cruz and Harper Seven, along on “date night” — where they watched as their mom and dad kissed in front of them, and were even forced to take a picture of the smooch. “Thanks Harper seven for the pic and sorry @cruzbeckham for embarrassing you,” David wrote in the caption to the lovey-dovey snap.

And back when he was 12 years old, Romeo wasn’t a huge fan of his newly retired dad playing taxi driver for the family. “He’s just started — as soon as I take him into school, I’ll go to kiss him and he’ll turn his cheek,” David told Jimmy Kimmel in 2015. “So I will then pick him up and give him a bear hug and kiss him in front of his friends.” (Ah, middle school.) He added that Victoria reminded the kids, “You’ve got quite a cool dad.” But of course, not even the coolest parents in the world are precluded from embarrassing their mini-mes at times.

As for Victoria’s followers that aren’t her kids, her latest caption was a winner. “Love David’s worm !!!” one wrote.