Real Girlfriends In Paris’ Victoria Zito Has An “Emotional” Coming Out Story

The fashion designer explores the dating scene in Paris.

Victoria Zito poses in Bravo's 'Real Girlfriends in Paris.'
Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

In Bravo’s Real Girlfriends in Paris, six twentysomething American women dive headfirst into romance and adventure in the City of Lights. Among the women is 26-year-old Victoria Zito, a “small town girl with big fashion dreams” from Texas, according to her BravoTV.com bio. She left behind her conservative upbringing and moved to Paris in 2017 to pursue fashion. Now she’s “ready to start a new chapter” and explore new romantic opportunities — which includes a coming-out storyline that unfolds across the season. Here’s everything else to know about Victoria.

Victoria Zito’s Job

Victoria first came to France after winning a scholarship to Parsons, an American art and design college that was established in Paris in 1921. She graduated from Parsons in 2021 with a focus on fashion and apparel design. According to Victoria’s LinkedIn, she’s now working as the head designer at Chloe Colette, a clothing brand headquartered in Paris. Before that, she was a production manager at JJ Production and Indigital, where she assisted photographers in shooting for Vogue and Business of Fashion during Paris Fashion Week.

"I said yes to doing [the show] because for me, you know, I have had a very peculiar journey," she told ET Online. "When I say peculiar, you know, I never knew that it was possible to ever work in fashion — I didn't even know that was a thing — and I have worked really, really hard to get to where I am at and it's been a really long journey along the way."

Victoria Zito’s Instagram

Unsurprisingly, Victoria shows off her impeccable fashion taste on her Instagram, which is also full of pictures of the Eiffel Tower, famous fashion designers, and of course, her fellow Real Girlfriends in Paris cast mates. She also shares some photos with her older brother Dustin, who actually appeared on The Real World in 2011.

Victoria Zito’s Dating Life

When Victoria first moved to Paris, it was with her then-husband. But they had split up by the time she graduated, after learning he had cheated on her. "That was probably, single-handedly, one of the hardest things that I had ever been through,” she told ET Online. "Coming from Texas, sometimes when someone gets a divorce it's like, you know, all hush-hush, like, 'Don't tell anyone,' you know? For me, I was like, 'F that!' I have nothing to be ashamed about, because I grew so much emotionally in my relationships."

After her divorce, she said that part of embracing her “authentic” self was coming out as “100 percent bisexual,” she said. In the series, you see Victoria date men and women, which includes the “amazing” Emmelle, a British woman she meets on the dating apps, per Page Six. “I didn’t realize the weight that was on her chest until she started telling the other girls,” cast member Margaux Lignel told HollywoodLife after they filmed the coming out episode. “So I understand now why it’s so much more emotional and why there’s so many more layers to it.”

While the show explores Victoria’s identity onscreen, she didn’t bother telling her conservative Texas family beforehand. “I want the queer community — but also anyone as well — to know that it doesn’t matter your upbringing, it doesn’t matter your surroundings,” she told Page Six. “The most important part is that you’re living your authentic self and until you’re doing that, it’s impossible to be happy.”